Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Arrangement

 This foreign born actress is probably B list and that is being really generous. The only reason I am being that generous is that she stars in a prequel to a very hit show. If not for that, she would be lower. She thinks she should be higher and would be if her ex hadn't screwed her over. Her ex is several decades older than our actress. He used to be her boss. Her ex is an Oscar winner/nominee and promised the actress that if she would start sleeping with him, he would take care of some visa issues she was having and would get her a bunch of parts. So, she started sleeping with him and the visa issues were resolved using a very gray area of the law. He didn't get her parts though and would actively use his contacts to have her not cast for things or even given an audition. He wanted her for himself and was very controlling and very jealous and he didn't even like when she talked to male cashiers at the Trader Joe's across the street from where they still both worked. He would always threaten to have her deported if she said anything to anyone or if she left him, but she finally did leave him and landed the part that got her to B list.

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