Monday, February 21, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Tired Of It

 Back in the day when I first started writing the blog, there was an actress (#1) starring on a very popular network show who would talk to me on a nearly daily basis. It was through her that I learned some troubling things that were occurring on that set, and that no powers that be were doing anything about it. In past blinds, I have mentioned some of it, but for the first time, an actress (#2) who was on the show, is finally speaking out about the coverup. She says she is tired of seeing puff pieces about an actor (#3) who is a former co-star on the show. She knows what he did to her and that every producer knew what was going on but didn't want to ruin the show by causing drama. It turns out there was karma when you think about that second season. 

Anyway, #2, told me that producers of the show ordered her to pretend to date an age appropriate reality star (#5), which she did and even hooked up with him. The producers want that relationship front and center even though it still wasn't all that great of a look, because what was going on set was way worse. It really looks bad when your 15 year old star is sleeping with a guy pushing 30. The same thing happens still today. All you have to do is look at that streaming show (#6) and the lengths gone to hiding the hugely inappropriate sexual relationships the way underage actress (#7) was put through to keep her career going. 

#2 was in love with #3 and he took that love and used it and trampled on it and made her do things which still have her messed up. He told her it would be best for her to publicly date #5 and then would verbally abuse her about it whenever he saw her. She says it permanently affected her and her relationships and when she sees those fawning articles about him, she wants to tell the world. 

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