Monday, February 28, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The First Show

To hear this actress tell the story, it probably doesn't occur to her now that she is the same age as the ones she scorned and mocked a couple of decades ago. She does the same thing now as they did, but just doesn't see it. She was there that night. She was a fairly new entrant on a long running network show. She wasn't exactly welcomed to the show with loving arms and having to spend a bunch of time with them in the setting of an award show was not making her all that happy. 

She said that night felt like a bunch of old actors and actresses honoring a bunch of other old actors and actresses. Our actress got groped multiple times by actors long past their prime, but who felt like they could touch anyone however they wanted, and did. Looking back now she says that what looked to her as every actress loathing each other, was really just trying to hold on to the roles they could because there were not going to be very many others and the actresses saw each other as competitors while the men saw themselves as friends who knew there would always be plenty of work for them.

Our actress, after digging, discovered she was the youngest television actress at this show. It was not as if our actress was in her teens or something, she was closer to 30, then to 20. There was only one other television actress close in age to our actress. We shall call her DR. DR also starred on a show where she was not really welcome because she was much younger than the rest of the cast, 95% of whom were men and hit on DR all the time when they were not actively belittling her. 

Despite the seating arrangements, the two shuffled some seats around and quietly got drunk while they made fun of the rest of the attendees. Our actress says the pair were told to be quiet multiple times and were told by at least one Academy Award winning actor that the pair were a disgrace. The whole story seems pretty harmless.

Well, one day, after I heard this story, I called someone who has been in this space a lot and asked her what she remembered about that night, and if the story shared, seemed consistent with what she remembered. She said her situation was completely different because everyone from her project that was there were all jacked up on coke and booze and didn't care about anyone else because they were just interested in partying, especially as they kept losing and losing and losing. The best part of the night was when this A list mostly television actor who played the same role forever and wants to reboot it again, asked anyone at the table if they had coke. He wouldn't actually come out and say it. He would use euphemisms for it and also did it in the elitist accent from his television show. One of the actors at the table said they didn't have any, and said it as he was doing a bump off his fingernail. 

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