Thursday, March 03, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The First Shoe Drops

 It was eventually going to have to happen. There are just too many closeted men this A list singer has dated in her past for it not to. The boyfriend in question is now out as gay to his friends and family and on social media behind his private accounts. Publicly, it is a much different story. He has been linked with a model who would love the publicity and cache of dating him. There is also the theory there is no reason at all for him to make his social media accounts public and for the world to see what he has been sharing to friends and family. So, why doesn't he do it? How about that singer. Has she asked him not to? What would be the reason for asking him not to come out? Are there other shoes that could drop, but they are also being asked to keep quiet? Would it bring into question many of the relationships the singer had/has?

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