Friday, March 04, 2022

Four For Friday - Rejected

#1 - This A list mostly movie actress who sometimes directs, kicked this A+ list mostly movie actor who sometimes directs right in the balls when he tried to hit on her while married to his friend.

#2 - This B+ list actress/host talks about how she has only been with one man her whole life. The truth is though, when she was a teen, she did have sex with a guy and before she could even get out of bed, he put on his clothes, broke up with her and walked out and never spoke to her again.

#3 - This former 80's A+ list rocker tried to get into an exclusive club last month and was barred at the door. He tried to explain who he was, but no one had ever heard of him. He said to Google, but they said if they had to Google and didn't know who he was, then he must not be that famous.

#4 - This permanent A list NBA player who parties way too much during the season and is going to get a max contract which will go down as the worst contract in NBA history used to play voicemails to his friends from this A- list reality star who he slept with once and who would call him a dozen times a day begging to see him again and in those recordings was often very graphic.

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