Tuesday, March 08, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Spy

This actress is foreign born and never really got above B- list and that is probably pretty generous. She had tabloid breakup which was big news when it happened and was immediately comforted by an A+/A list actor who is from the same country as our actress. About two years ago, our actress decided to help out a reporter expose a company that has been in this space several times. A company that launders money and shows porn to the world. Our actress, who is from the same area as the headquarters of the company engaged in a year long relationship with a person from the company who shared a crazy amount of information about the company and who the real owners are and how the money gets moved around the world through nearly 1,000 shell companies. The relationship ended when the employee got fired for looking at things he shouldn't. The actress decided enough was enough, and came back to Los Angeles. 

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