Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Blind Item #13 - Murder In New England - Part Twelve

Where are they now?

Thirty years have passed. The participants have moved on with their lives.

The Creep:  He never imagined that three decades later he would be respected. Among the criminal set  of his area, he is a respected elder statesman. No one remembers that it was his big mouth and lurid fantasies that led the police to his friends and the widow.  The police were not even looking in that direction. Instead, the young criminals believe it was the tapes that "proved she was guilty beyond a shadow of a doubt." that convicted her. Has the creep gone straight? Hard to say. If he keeps to smuggling, with occasional robberies, the police will not bother him.

The Real Murderer: Like all murders he wants to talk about it. He thought he would be released when he was 21. He made a statement where he expressed sorrow over what he did to the husband. In another words, he confessed to the murder. He just could not say the words right. The response of the state was to send the widow to another state where she still is. Life was good for him in prison. He had an easy life with free room and board. He had the respect of the convicts. Now that he has been released he finds that society looks down on him and considers him garbage.  In the quiet of the nights, his conscience bothers him. He wants to confess to the murder. Since his release, he has called up journalists and wants to tell them the truth about the case and then backs out. Now when he calls, they hang up on him.  Murderers need a nice person to help then confess. Next time he calls, let him talk.

The Bad Seed:   I have always said that if I wanted to murder someone, I would ask this person for advice. Before she graduated from high school she had committed enough crimes to be in a rehab program; looked for a firearm to kill a man; help a male rape a woman; blackmailed an adult to borrow her car and for other purposes; made the decision to kill a man; covered up for murder; accepted bribe money to bear false witness under oath. She has yet to spend a night in jail. She proves that if you have a cute face, you can get away with any crime. She has committed  more violent crimes than most adults. I expected her to continue her criminal ways.

One of the few ways that a criminal will reform is when they find a better racket. The official story is that the state paid for post high school education. She became a hospital technician.  Any one who works in a hospital is on a mission to save lives. That is more exciting than a life of crime.

Then again, she could have spent 20 years in a prison in another state for other crimes.

The Creepy Newscaster:  He would be fired after the trial. He would work as a waiter for a while. It is said that he was a better waiter than newscaster. He then went to work in a city known for their fiery Halloweens. He is retired and lives somewhere. He dreamed of being a network star. Instead he had to live in exile in secondary markets. It is a punishment, but not enough for his crimes.

The many people who could have prevented murder and covered up, have never seen the inside of a prison, and may never will. The widow is still in prison and the state intends to keep her there because her husband defended himself against two home intruders.

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