Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Secret

 In the past in this space, I have written about some very messed up situations that involved situations where an actor or actress had other potential actors/actresses move in to their home and then a parental figure abused the person who moved in. There have been a handful f those over the years and the most egregious was probably the manager/parent of a couple of celebrities who seemingly abused a rotating cast of characters found by his celebrity offspring.

Another horrible tale involves a manager/parent who did the same thing with a young girl who was probably a tween when she moved in with the family. Along with at least a dozen other girls, some of whom stayed for a bit or a long time he slept with them all and told them that was part of the deal to become a star. The tween suffered the fate the longest and had to sleep with him long after she became legal. It wasn't until she really started making her own big money away from the control he had over her and others, that she was able to hire someone to threaten him with death if he touched her again. This of course caused some problems because she still had to work with him for one project and family members of her abuser too. It is rumored she is the one who made sure the information that would ultimately bring him down, was released to the public.

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