Friday, April 22, 2022

Blind Item #7 - Von Miller Blind Item

The woman claims she dated the linebacker and over the course of their relationship he took "private and intimate photos and videos" of her that were not to be shared with others. Obviously, she expected the sex tapes and photographs would "remain private" between them. The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles County Court, claims on May 7, 2020, "in a fit of jealousy, anger, and rage" Von Miller shared the "a private sexually explicit photograph of her and Miller engaged in a sexual act to "two well-known celebrities."

It should be noted, that the suit never mentions WHO the two celebrities are in this situation, or exactly what was in the footage/images. But, she says the pictures/or footage was sent via Instagram to the two famous parties. Shockingly, according to the lawsuit, Miller's first message read, "This the b---h you want? You can have her dawg." The intimate image was allegedly sent next. A second message, the suit claims, was sent a few minutes later, saying, "This the b---h you want?" 

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