Thursday, April 21, 2022

Today's Blind Items - Creepy

In this space this week, I told you about an actor who slept with three generations of women from the same family. It reminded me of a more creepy story. This involves an actor who is permanently A list and an actress who has reached A list several times in her career. When our actor was first starting out, he had a relationship with the actress. Well, it was actually an affair that broke up the marriage to an actor all of you know. There were rumors at the time that the actress became pregnant during the affair, but she was at the peak of her career and didn't want the baby and also didn't want paternity questions in a divorce that was already going to be explosive. 

Fast forward many years and the actress does have children, including a daughter. Our actor hooked up with her without her actress mom not knowing about it until several months later. There was a thought that the daughter was pregnant and she talked to the actor and he said something to the effect of like mother like daughter and what it would have been like to have kids with the mom and the daughter.

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