Friday, June 17, 2022

Four For Friday - Bad Band Behavior

 #1 - This A list female group once loaded a drunk groupie into a case which was then loaded on the truck to carry the equipment to the next city. They didn't tell anyone they did this, so the next day, the crew got quite the shock when they opened it at the venue and a guy was inside instead of an amplifier.

#2 - A bassist for this 80's hair band missed three shows because he was beaten up so badly. The drummer of the band liked getting orally serviced during the guitar and bass solo portion of the evening. Because of the way the drum risers were structured, he couldn't see who was doing the servicing. One night, the bassist arranged for a guy to do the servicing. When the drummer found out after the fact he beat the crap out of the bassist.

#3 - This band that started off as punk but sold out to get that record deal and put out one of the all time great first records, loved Japanese porn. When they toured Japan the first time, they spent every penny they earned on sleeping with their favorite Japanese porn stars.

#4 - This permanent A+ list guitarist says that one of his fingers is deformed because of arthritis. It is actually because a bookmaker broke it when the guitarist didn't pay up on a gambling loss.

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