Tuesday, June 14, 2022

Today's Blind Items - The Guy

 There have been a lot of big hits in Hollywood over the years with lots of great writers. On the screen and in the credits, there are their names. They wrote it then, right? Yeah, for the most part. Crap movies usually have more writers than are credited, but for the purposes of this blind, yeah. there is someone who has written for movies that have earned tens of billions of dollars at the box office and received no credit at all. How is that possible? You would think someone who is helping to write hits that earn tens of billions of dollars at the box office would be in huge demand. He was in huge demand. Producers and studios went after him with a vengeance and would bend over backwards for his approval and willingness to help with a movie. If he said yes to a movie, it meant the studio was going to have a huge financial partner. If it meant that the guy wanted to write or rewrite a script so it fit a certain agenda, the studio didn't care. They got money and access and a much softer landing if the movie crashed. So, who was this guy? The liaison between the federal government and Hollywood.  

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