Monday, December 19, 2022

Today's Blind Items - In His Wake

All of you know this guy. Well, you know his face anyway. I would venture to say that many people throughout the world know his face. Many of us saw it every day for years. Then, just as quickly as the face came into our life, it was gone and most of us have not looked at his face in years. He was and is very wealthy. When he disappeared from our lives, he started showing up in the lives of others. His favorite place was to show up in Southeast Asia and other low income sex tourism capitals of the world. Because he had so much money and because he was relatively young, he had his pick of the teens throughout the world. The ones he would transported outside of the country were always legal. He double and triple checked that. He would always say that he didn't want to be another Gary Glitter. Our guy didn't go for them as young as Gary. I would not be able to say if all the teens he was with were legal or not. I don't think he even knows. He has a type and people would find him his type, but I don't think anyone was asking for i.d.

What he did do though, was treat the teen girls as a product and he was very rough with most of the products, except those he traveled with out of the country. He was so rough that he would often have to change out teens multiple times a night because the others had been beaten or bloody or both. In addition, there are a trail of babies that are definitely all his, but he has no interest in seeing them or supporting them and he has way too many lawyers to keep them from even trying to start a claim here. The thing is, he is often hard to even track down or figure out where he is living for someone to try and start some type of paternity action. One teen tried to press charges against him for beating her. A bunch of cash later and it was her parents who were in jail, until she agreed to never try something like that again.

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