Friday, April 07, 2023

Four For Friday - We Have Wigs

#1- This former A- list singer who had two really big hits, one of which has been sampled for other hits briefly took to wearing wigs just to change things up a bit. The wigs were the same color as her own hair. Once in 2017 during  a tribute show, her wig nearly fell off while performing. Fortunately she had a top hat on and was able to hold it in place, and there is a picture of her doing so. A year later while attending an anniversary dinner, a different wig she had on fell off. You can see pictures of her going in. She has since returned to her real hair, and denies she ever wore them.

#2 - This permanent A list singer has worn wigs on and off for decades, but has now embraced them, despite people saying it goes against her punk rock ethos.

#3 - This one hit wonder hit it big with an anthem type song. She has a new song and video about how she once had such crazy sex that her always in place wig, came off.

#4 - This former A list singer in a group and then solo used to embrace her grey hair, but is going on tour with nothing but wigs that make her look two decades younger. I wish she could write some hits like she did two decades ago. It leads credence to the claim that she stole all the hit songs from a former lover.

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