Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Buyers & Sellers

Several years ago I talked about this on the edge of celebrity religious family who seemed to be taking advantage of a hurricane and NGO status to rescue tweens and teens who really didn't need rescuing. The only qualification was they needed to be orphans or only one parent who could be bought off. Often, there was an upfront payment, but never any money on the back end.

There was another example of a group of prosperity pastors who did the same thing on an island which contains two countries. Those pastors used to stick only to the much more impoverished side, but after two pastors were beaten by outraged citizenry who learned what they were doing, the pastors actually found success on the more wealthy side of the island.

The plan then and now was to reward single men with a wife who was brought to the US at a very young age and molded through home schooling and hours of techniques similar to brainwashing to be the perfect Stepford wife. Those not considered attractive enough to be wives, were trained to be minimum wage domestic help for leaders of the various churches and those who had reached a certain level in the church either as employees or generous donors.

That was all well and good, but all of these women were people of color, and the churches had orders to be filled with women who were white. The church knew they could get much higher prices and set about doing it. Not only did we have the barely there celebrity religious family help, but also another of which you are familiar. But how to get them and from where? War is hell. At the beginning of the war, there were calls from churches in the US willing to assist. Young women and tweens and kids got out, generally without any other family, especially not men. Plus, there were lots of orphans this time around and generous governments around the world passing out visas with zero questions. 

In the country itself, this former A- list celebrity along with a current A- list celebrity were the conduits of all this under the guise of bringing positive publicity and donations to the country and also ensuring orders got filled.

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