Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Caught

This actress/celebrity probably reached a short peak of A/A- list. It was a time when everyone had to watch one of three channels, and one her shows finished the year in the top 5. She had a chance to be A+ list but got greedy. From the time she was in college, she always was yachting. She used her very good looks and made a lot of money. There is a rumor that she also filmed a porn while in college, but I have yet to ever come across it or have anyone say anything other than they heard about it too. It wouldn't shock me. Anyway, if there was a casting couch, she was happy to jump on it. She did so at one point and landed a huge role and filmed it. The next year the role was going to be expanded and she would have been a permanent A lister. The thing is though, she met rich guy and she started sleeping with him and the producer who cast her caught her with the other guy and even though our actress originated the role, the producer went and found someone else. Our actress was devastated but kept plugging away and then landed herself the top 5 show which she also got via the casting couch. When that show ended, she just became a full time yachter who cashed in some very big tickets.

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