Thursday, June 22, 2023

Today's Blind Items - The Favor - Old Hollywood Blind Item

The director (AA) was A+ list. He actually has offspring (BB) that have made it nearly as high on the list. This director was known for his wandering eye. He once made a bet with a man that he could bed what he called the super seven. It was a magazine spread that in later years became famous. He bed them all except one, in fact he eventually married one of the seven (CC) although they both cheated constantly on each other and both had children outside the marriage. The child his wife bore outside the marriage still had the director's last name though. Anyway, one of the seven, by far the most famous (DD) had not had sex with the director and never planned on it. Well, the actress did come to work for the director in a movie and he treated her like crap. The director as usual was blowing through the entire budget on gambling and women and had to borrow some from a mafia guy who did that for the director from time to time. What the actress didn't know was she was put up as a loan bonus for the mafia guy. The actress didn't like it, but she was basically hauled off to a hotel room and raped. Then, it happened again the next day and the day after. As a result, our actress started taking more pills than she normally did and was also calling random men who owed her favors including two of the most powerful men in the world (EE & FF) who thought she was going to tell people things that should not be told. She also slept with this singer/mafia type (GG) who promised to kill the mafia guy that raped the actress. He didn't. But our actress ended up dead shortly after all of this.

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