Tuesday, August 01, 2023

Today's Blind Items - New Market

Recently in a town in this divided country, firefighters and police were called to what was described as an illegal nightclub. It wasn't. Instead, it was what is known as a black room/dark room where members of manufactured groups entertain the people who provide financing to the owners of the groups in return for a large portion of the profits and first shot at the group members. Every single promoter/company has one of these rooms. Often the rooms also have full camera coverage too. This particular dark room is owned by the biggest if the big companies. They are the ones who own the initialed boy band. That same company now has the same type setup in two spots in Los Angeles. One of them is filled with teens looking to break into the business but who were born or raised in the US, but still can speak that Asian language fluently. In a different part of town, there are two dozen girls brought from all over the US to try and make a US version of the Asian success story. They are locked in rooms and have rehearsals 12 hours a day along with weight checks and wardrobe checks which are filmed and also broadcast live to bosses back in Asia. The teens are allowed one phone call per day to their family and 15 minutes of texting which is monitored. One of the teens recently had a medical emergency and managed to communicate what has been going on in these homes. 

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