Thursday, November 30, 2023

Today's Blind Items - Out Of Business

In this space over the years, I have talked about celebrities involved in all manner of illegal businesses, including a business which is very similar to the one I am going to discuss today. There was of course the former A+ list actor who owned dozens of Asian massage parlors. This one is also about sex work, but our foreign born celebrity was just one cog in the now defunct machine. Our celebrity is A list. Because of what he does in the celebrity world, he has a need for dozens of people every few months. Many years ago, our celebrity used to be the biggest customer for a Russian pimp. Our celebrity just couldn't get enough of Eastern European hookers and was easily spending $1M+ a year on them. Over the years, the celebrity and the pimp became very good friends and the pimp said it was getting harder to get the women from their countries to the west where they could work. Our celebrity came up with a solution. He would use the shows he gets involved with to get isas for the women. Our celebrity was paid a great deal of money and got free sex. This relationship continued up until the start of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The pimp couldn't get anyone out and also couldn't pay his debts to the mob who didn't care there was a war going on and the pimp was murdered. Our celebrity has kept a very low profile since that murder.

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