Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Today's Blind Items - Bad Parents

There are parents who want their kids to be stars and go all in. There are others who have the resources to ensure their child at least gets a shot by financing a movie. There is a set of parents that did finance a one named movie (#1). It was the last starring vehicle for this A- list actor who started young and died young (#2). The parents wanted their daughter (#3) to be a big star so financed the movie and got her the lead role. They wanted everyone to notice their barely teen daughter and wanted love scenes. They also spent $40K in effects to make it look like on screen their daughter had adult breasts and sexually aroused erect nipples in the movie. The other producers and the director (#4) who has been in court with the parents forever, pushed back against the idea, but the parents insisted. The director went behind the backs of the parents to try and use a filter so the effects wouldn't be seen, but the parents discovered it and made sure to have the scene exactly as they wanted.

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