Monday, June 24, 2024

Today's Blind Items - The Owner

There are a couple of people who go on podcasts and talk about their sex parties/clubs and how much memberships cost and do everything but let listeners know what celebrities and adult stars will be there. They are small potatoes compared to this A list socialite. She has always been on the edge and thrown some eyebrow raising parties, but people kind of expect it from her. Our socialite has two sex parties per year. One in the winter in Aspen and one in the summer in the Hamptons. That is it. The one in Aspen is generally tied to a meeting involving some of the world's wealthiest who then take a night off from that and relax. The entry fee for men is $1M per party and there is a waiting list. The number of men who attend in Aspen is about 75 and in the Hamptons it is capped at 50. The women who are invited to attend have been screened by a security company. The women are paid $100K for the night and are not required to have sex. There have been multiple marriages and kids as a result of these parties. Most of the women are found through the efforts of multiple casting directors from fashion houses and fashion magazines. Our hostess is also a regular at the Met Ball every year.

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