Thursday, June 27, 2024

Today's Blind Items - The Rule - Old Hollywood

This permanent A list singer/actor had a very important rule when it came to the women he would sleep with. He would ask his assistant to check out four or five women each night and get information from them. They had to be under the age of 30. They were asked for i.d. to prove it. If they were under 20, they moved to the front off the line and were almost guaranteed to sleep with our A lister. If they were not legal but had a fake i.d. that could pass muster they were his keeper for the night or as long as he was in town. His assistant would ask questions about diseases and sexual histories. The women must never have given birth or been pregnant. He was OK with them being previously married. One thing that would disqualify you was if you had another girlfriend with you. He hated threesomes. His biggest rule was that none of the women should have ever slept with a man of color. Any color other than bright white. That was a deal breaker even if she was 16 with a great i.d. He would pass those women off to one off his best friends who was equally as talented. 

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