Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Today's Blind Items - Kindness

At an Alzheimer’s clinic the staff recently discovered what a great guy this comic/former game show sidekick is and how he takes care of his friends.

A patient really hates the diagnostic procedures that he NEEDS to undergo to qualify for the only drug available for Alzheimer's, and he always quits half way through. The patient’s wife told the clinic that a friend of the patient would be joining them, and that the friend would be pretending to also need the procedures in an effort to convince the patient to finish and asked the clinic to go along with it. 

The staff was shocked to see that the comic/former game show sidekick was the friend, who did indeed stay for the whole 3 hour appointment, engaged the patient with dignity and respect just as if the dementia had changed nothing about their relationship, and held the patient's hand during the tough moments.   

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