Thursday, May 31, 2007

Still More Links

Last week Scott Storch. This week Reggie Bush. At least Kim Kardashian lets everyone have a turn with her.When you wave to someone it now means you're in love. That must mean the guy at the parking garage and I are life partners by now.

A contest to see who can shower the least. Keanu v. K-Fed.


Anonymous said...

Kim just gets passed from guy to guy.
she's the town bike, everyone gets a ride on her.

Anonymous said...

Reggie?! Are you listening Reggie? Stay away from Kim. Are you listening? Do you want to stay in the NFL? STAY AWAY FROM KIM! You'll regret it. I mean REALLY regret it. You'll go down the Vince route. Your herpes will get herpes. Just say no!


smiley tooth said...

Oooh you said "parking garage".

Lol :D

Anonymous said...

Hey Toothy likes those parking garages.

Lara said...

Is that even her..? Her nose is quite tiny and petite (thank you nosejob!), and that looks too big to be hers.


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