Wednesday, May 30, 2007

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Quite possibly the world's shortest skirt. Quite possibly ingrained in my mind forever.

Brittany. You better check to see if those rings are real. Your gold digging may not get you much gold either.

Pictures of Lindsay at Promises.

Good luck getting the money Debra. In California, you rarely, if ever get what you are owed if a client refuses to pay. It's even tougher when you are billing a client for your husband's dry cleaning.

K-Fed has too much money and not enough brains.

Paris is too ugly for the world's most stunning heiresses photo collection. Hey she isn't even going to be the hottest inmate in her section of the jail, although I'm sure she'll have a chance to learn that up close and personal.

Video of the Vanity Fair photo shoot with Bruce Willis.


Anonymous said...

Brittany's rings are real, the rumor is she payed for then. With what money, is a totally new question.

Anonymous said...

For some reason I always felt uneasy when this Opri lady was speaking. She seemed so clingy and so into the attention. Even after she was fired she was on Showbiz tonight when Larry got the baby and still taking credit. I hope he doesn't give her a cent. Also, I hope the truth about why he fired her comes out.

Anonymous said...

Enty - PLEASE don't post anymore links to pictures on Lindsay in rehab! She has FINALLY taken a step in the right direction and does not need prying papparazzi affecting her recovery. The place is supposed to be PRIVATE, so let's have a little respect for that.

Anonymous said...

Re: Opri. Why the hell didn't Birkhead contest her bill with the local bar association to it could be arbtrated? He would have had that bill shaved way down. It appears from his statement that he may be contemplating a legal malpractice suit????? Hope we get the goods on her soon.

Hez said...



That's hilarious. She flashes the world her noonie at every opportunity, leaks blistering hate-filled messages to ex-employees, sucks at the corporate teat to get free shit from every designer and vodka company under the sun, chokes back more drugs in a month than I'll do in a lifetime (despite my best efforts in my heyday), practically lives in the bar when she's known worldwide as being underage...

She clearly doesn't respect herself or any of her fans (does she still have any?), so why on earth would anyone ever need to respect her???

And Petra Nemcovadge? I used to tuck my skirt into my panties when I was dancing around my bedroom as a teenager. I don't care how hot your body is -- you look ridiculous. I am so tired of you already. I'm taking my birthday back.

Ha ha, Brittany Murphy... I can smell your divorce from here (or was that Petra's vadge?). Hope you've got friends at one of the glossies, cuz you won't make much selling your story to the tabs. Karma is a bitch... and look at that, so am I!

Anonymous said...

Ahh don't we all feel bad for golddigging BM? BooHoo! Maybe next time she'll take the time to get to KNOW the prey before she hunts. MWHAHAHAHA!

He's fugly! She should've researched well.


Anonymous said...

I think the point is that rehab is supposed to be personal...the other poor bastards there didn't asked to photographed..yes we havne't seen those pics yet but they are comin...please let's just leave her be and get help.

Hez, I'm sure if she got help she wouldnt be showing her 'noonie' all over..have a heart for fuck sake she IS an addict who is attempting to get help.

Anonymous said...

Thanks ANON 2:20. That was my point - yes, she is an idiot who is done one stupid thing after another. But she is FINALLY taking a serious step in the right direction (we hope) so everyone needs to back off and let her do what she needs to do. That's all I was trying to say.

-ANON 11:48

Anonymous said...

Hez, you don't have to be a steamroller just because you don't agree with what Anon 11:40 had to say. If nothing else, let someone's struggle with her inner demons be.

Anonymous said...

Hez, you must have had some kind of breakfast this morning!

I'm not a fan of Lilo's, nor do I respect her or her (words fail me) mother, but the way I read the 11:40 post, the poster was just saying let's have respect for the fact that the facility, and the work it is trying to accomplish, is supposed to be private. I'm on board with that.

And the Brittany Murphy thing? totally cracking me up. Karma, Karma, Karma.

Anonymous said...

I do actually still respect LiLo even though she clearly doesn't respect herself. I think she is sad, and I feel really bad for her. I wish she wouldn't glamorize her downfall by comparing herself to Marilyn Monroe, and I think this is a part of her problem. I also believe Samantha Ronson actually is a good person who means well.
And please bear with me for not being funny like the rest of you are, but English is my second language. :-/

Anonymous said...

hez have you been dumped for a younger prettier girl or are you just naturally a bitch.

Unknown said...

You guys seriously think LL checked into rehab to get help? She checked in because it is what she was told to do. She is trying to avoid taking responsibility for her actions, especially this latest one. She is a pathetic waste of a life.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter why she checked into rehab. The point is, rehab should be off limits regardless of the reason for going. And to be a bitch to someone just because they state their opinion about that is totally unnecessary. (though I'm not directing that toward you, Allison)

Anonymous said...

Boy Hez, its like the pot calling the kettle black. Everyone knows you're a drunk.

Anonymous said...

Damn, folks! What is this a Hez slamming party. She's expressing her views like anyone else. I don't care if she's a drunk, she's funny as hell! And she adds more to convo than I can say about most of you.

Hez, here's one to you! *GULP!


Anonymous said...

Tracee, you must have had more than one GULP! if you think she expressed her views just like everyone else. Apparently several people are tired of the bitch routine or we wouldn't be calling her on it.

Anonymous said...

Twisted sister,
There are several Anons that come and go that are bitchy. Why call out people now. I have bitchy days, you have bitchy days, we all have bitchy days. I'm just saying to get a mob mentality now is stupid. If she bitchy earlier why didn't you just call her out then? Why now?

I think Hez is funny. Most of these folks take this gossip shit so seriously. It's GOSSSSSSIP! Entertainment.

But you got it right I'm slurping a drink at work right now? Who doesn't have the 3 cocktail lunch? So are you trying to call me out because I don't agree with you? Is that bitchy?


Anonymous said...

Tracee, calling you out? Try explaining. Different thing.

I let a lot of comments go by, but when I get sick of someone being a bitch just for the sake of being a bitch, I call them on it. There's no excuse for that. Others chimed in of their own accord, I didn't ask for anyone to do a pile-on, so apparently others are sick of it, too.

You think she's funny, I think she's not. Different strokes.

Slurp one for me ya little drunk,

Anonymous said...

Twisted Sister,
I see what you mean. I re-read the posts. I have mad respect for you. At least you're not anonymously calling her a bitch, you can put more than 2 two sentences together and you always add to the convo too. When I see pile-ons and mob mentality I get freaked out.

I think Hez mis-read the post as well. But what was the harm? She was making fun of Blohan and others.Anyway I guess I'm used to the sarcastic snarky remarks, which is why I find her funny.

But I think you're funny too. If anything we can agree to disagree. Cheers! *SLURP,BURP!


Anonymous said...

I also think that Lindsay is only going to rehab because she was told to, or because she saves face that way. She just got out of rehab a couple of months ago, and look what good that did. Until she goes for herself, it won't help.

And hey, she'll get out just in time for her 21st birthday celebration!


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