Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fox dances off with Wednesday night

Last night's 2-hour So You Think You Can Dance was a clear ratings winner for Fox, despite a playbook that is now completely predictable to American Idol fans. Like Idol (which Nigel Lythgoe of course co-created), the "audition" episodes are always the most watched, and SYTYCD is once again showcasing the good, the bad and the disastrously uncoordinated. Unlike Idol, the judges rotate (all except Nigel, but it is his show), so even if you dislike one of them, it is unlikely you will have to listen to them the week after. Simon should be taking notes.

This year will feature the equally talented sister of last year's winner, at least one contestant with a prosthetic limb (no, not her, thank goodness) and lots of great looking bodies of both genders. And does anyone even remember who hosted the show before the lovely Cat Deeley? (Oh yeah, her.)

Bonus video below: this kid is sure to end up there as soon as he reaches the age of eligibility -- only about sixteen years from now.


Pinky said...

No one creeps me out the way Laura Sanchez does - except maybe Jocelyn Wildenstein. shiver

Anonymous said...

Laura did creep me out. She was a plastic robot. Is that even possible?

Anyway, Ent thanks for talking about So u think u can dance. I'm extremely addicted to this show. I missed last night's b/c my stoopid neighbor cut my cable cord. Was it REALLY good? Could you post some bad ones? Anything?! A girl's feenin'

Anyhoo I hate American Idol and Dancing With The Stars. Thanks for giving it a shout out.


Dorothy said...

Holy hell that kid is adorable!! Further proof that parents can brainwash their children at a young age.


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