Thursday, May 31, 2007

Media abuse about substance abuse

This opinion piece in Newsweek by former First Daughter (and ex-wild child) Patti Davis is a unique perspective on the way today's celebrities -- male and female -- seem to be using rehab as an easy way to fast-track public forgiveness. I think the cat was already out of that particular bag, but the article is definitely worth reading. (Although, you know Dina Lohan is probably just going to skim it looking for her name.)


Anonymous said...

I think people are becoming more and more desensitized to drug use among celebrities. It's sad because it means they can be fobbed off with cruddy fake rehab stories and Promises of I'll be good next time. I think HW has been testing people for a good while now to gauge a reaction and on it see where to go.

Anonymous said...

on it see where to go = should read "from it see where to go".

Anonymous said...

It is sad that people who actually have the power to be role models actually are... well worthless. But more so shame on the people who are actually hiring them and paying them big bucks not realizing or not wanting to make the effort to find a few good people who to promote. I know, I know that good people do not sell ... but it is about being responsible....

Anonymous said...

and shame on americans for holding these people up as "role models". few actors have real educations, are publicity whores, sleep with anything that moves...
their little wold is so encapsulated, they have no idea what real life is like.
the same is true of professional athletes.

sorry about the soap box, but it really chaps my hide that these people believe their own hype.
show me a teacher, a docter, a lawyer, a camp counselor, fireman, peace officer, and our troops.
THEY should be the role models (remember when every little boy wanted to be a fireman?? now they want to be rappers and stand-up comedians), and, dare i say it, heroes??

and i think that's one of the major problems with today's kids. now i've probably pissed off most of you with my "sweeping generalizations", and i am sorry for that.

Hez said...

$cientology totally feeds that sickness, too. One of their "tenets" is that "artists are the cream of society" and "society exists to serve the artist."

No wonder Lula Mae from Nowheresville who has a vague interest in dinner theatre and moves to LA is so susceptible to their brainwashing. Who doesn't want to be told that they're "special" and an "artist"? But not everyone can or should do EVERYTHING.

Vultures. $cientology is a cancer eating away at the insides of H'wood. And they claim to be so helpful and holy because they're "anti-drug". They're also anti-gay, anti-autism, anti-skeptic, anti-reality and anti-sanity.


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