Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Morning Links

Bobby Brown's new girlfriend. It looks like she got herself tattooed on her arm. I guess she never heard of a camera.

Vomiting uncontrollably doesn't sound like much fun. As much as I believe that Britney hasn't given up the rehab inducing activities, this also sounds more like a case of food poisoning rather than drugs or liquor.
Usher doesn't like anyone saying anything bad about his man. I mean girlfriend.

Hey Montreal. Guard your children. Brad Pitt is in town and Angelina is sure to follow. They don't have a Canadian yet.

Tori Spelling is in talks to dance. For some reason I don't think it's pole dancing, but you never know what a show will do for ratings.


Anonymous said...

EL you so cute, food poisoning. uh huh.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Montreal and willing to make the supreme sacrifice... they can adopt me!

Anonymous said...

LOL Us Canadians are not Nearly tragic enough for angelina to find someone to adopt.

Anonymous said...

So is Usher engaged to her because she looks like a dude? It does seem a little suspect.


Anonymous said...

who gets a tattoo of their own face???? most people think it's tasteless/stupid enough to tattoo your soul mate's face on a bicep or wherever (although i'm ashamed to admit i think it's a truly romantic gesture, but i digress...) but who is narcissistic enough to have their own face immortalized on their arm.... seriously, even paris "i'm God's gift to men and lesbians" hilton isn't that bad (as far as i know)

Anonymous said...

For Adoption:

One (gently used) Canadian female. Going hungry due to student debt; seeking loving parents with a penchant for life, a passion for movies and a lean toward charitable causes. Looking specifically for a family of young, ethnodiverse children (my first love is caring for children!).

Please call: BMY-PAR-ENTS


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