Friday, June 01, 2007

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Danny Bonaduce's divorce party. This guy doesn't need to be single. This is going to get crazy very quickly.

Speed Racer pictures.

Paula tries to explain why she's a freak, but really just makes everything worse and infinitely more confusing.

Star is really close to getting sued. (with photos)

Enrique Iglesias has insomnia. I would too if I broke up with Anna Kournikova. I would be tossing and turning and kicking myself for throwing her out of my bed. I know she is probably difficult to get along with, but it's Anna. Now that she's gone, no one will really pay attention to you anymore and you already said you have a small d**k so things are not looking so bright my friend.


Anonymous said...

Wait, I thought I read that he was just kidding about not being with Anna anymore...or was that a joke? I am confused.

Hez said...

Yeah, betsnup, that's my impression, too. I think he retracted the "divorce" comment and said it was a joke. Just f'in with the media?

Anonymous said...

Sooooooooo glad Gretchen moved on from Danny Bonaduce. She deserves sooo much better.


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