Friday, June 01, 2007

Morning Links

You just know Jessica just kicks Justin's ass on a regular basis. Just like Cameron used to do and his mama still does as well. That's why the Britney thing didn't work out. Now, if he hooked up with Christina that would be good for him. The best would probably be Sarah Michelle Gellar though. She would have him happily whimpering.

Just forget about one son by trying to have another. Maybe having another child will cure the other. Does John Travolta really believe that if his son Jett works harder that he won't be autistic? That somehow the autism is Jett's fault?

Sing for George Clooney and you get $3M. Wow.

MTV Movie Awards swag bag. ZX should have waited and then she could have got her mattress for free.

Go get sick at a birthday party and earn some dough. Use that dough and make Eminem work for you forever.


Anonymous said...

I think it is appaling that people don't boycott anything and everything the Travolta's do. Their treatment of their Autistic son Jett is horrendous. So sad. They need CPS or someone to look in on him.

Hez said...

9:25, I do! I think Get Shorty was the last thing of his I saw, and it doesn't look like that's about to change.

Ent, the way you phrased this item was heartbreaking. $cientology is the cruelest joke ever played on a gullible group of narcissists. I hope L.Ron Gaylord is somewhere south of Hell right now, fanning his pathetic ass with his ASCOT and wishing JT's fancy jet could fly him off to Xenu or whatever stupid fantasy world he invented. What a legacy of ridonk.

Anonymous said...

As the mother of an autistic teenaged son, I am outraged that this child is not getting the help he needs to live with autism. Autism is NOT a mental is a disorder which does involve the brain, but many autists are not "mentally disabled". Many autists do, in fact, have very high IQs but are simply unable to understand social cues. With proper intervention, autists can overcome the social disabilities which paralyze them and are able to function. This, of course, depends upon the severity of the autism, but many, many people are on the autistic spectrum and you wouldn't know it. Not seeking treatment is child does not fall under the realm of "religious freedom".

Anonymous said...

This whole SMG thing you have about her is not true. I was at my regular breakfast place on Ventura and she was there with her hubby. She started to get frisky and licked his hands and he immediatly put the kabosh on her, to her 'Don't do that!' and she turned every shade of red and mortified. Nope, I think that Jessica would own her.
In so far as the travolta's son. Well I think that Geller's husband, Freddy, should have a word or two with him and straighten his ass out. I have dirt on that MOFO for days. when I have more time, I will post some.

Anonymous said...

And I REALLY hope that Parker Posey is ZX. Really, really!

People have guessed that I am ZX, which is amusing to me.


Anonymous said...

Weren't swag bags supposed to become taxable income? I thought that had been enacted recently and the content was expected to drop considerably in both quantity and quality. Sure doesn't sound like it; I wouldn't want to pay taxes of most of that stuff.

The mattress doesn't sound like that big of a deal given that some previous swag has included things like cruises and year-long memberships to pricey health clubs.

Anonymous said...

Ok,Ent! This is the second time that you've implied that SMG is less than the perfect little wifey.Spill it kind sir! What good stories have you heard about her? Feel free to give lots of juicy details.

Anonymous said...

Okay, 434, who are you and what DO you know????

Anonymous said...

Re: "Sing for George Clooney and you get $3M. Wow."....

I'd like to do something else for George Clooney...

Cyn (did I say that out loud?)

Anonymous said...

i don't remember every bit of the the story exactly, but a few years ago before anybody knew jett was autistic, i remember a couple of magazines printed the story of preston and travolta either suing the manufacturer, or the cleaning people, or maybe just "raising awareness", but however that came out, they were blaming their son's illness on carpet cleaning chemicals. they made a big hoo-haw about it. at that time, his "illness" wasn't explained, and nowhere did the story say he was autistic. do you suppose they really believed that story, or where just trying to hide the fact. either way, its pretty damn sad.
very recently i heard somewhere that they barely talk to the kid, just as katie wasn't supposed to talk to suri for the first week of life. talking just messes up their inner thetans or something.
personally, i love thetans. they taste like chicken.


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