Friday, February 22, 2008

Today Is Give Ryan A Break Day

Normally I would lay into Ryan Seacrest for what I heard on his show. I have never watched the Kardashian nightmare on E!, but I have posted on here before how Ryan and his co-host seem to always be really far up their collective asses. Well it turns out Ryan owns that damn show too. Anyway, the reason he is getting a pass on that is because he had Sara Blakely, the founder of Spanx on his show. I know, I know, but it gets good.

Anyway, Ryan suckers her into basically saying that Tom Cruise loves wearing Spanx. This is just a few short minutes after she said that the only guys she knows who wear Spanx are usually gay guys who work in the mall across the street from her office in Atlanta.

At first Sara said that she could not confirm that Tom wears Spanx, but then when Ryan said that he heard Tom Cruise wears them, Sara admitted she understood that he does wear them and loves them. Now which garments is Tom Cruise wearing. My only familiarity with Spanx is that Sara was on that one season reality show with Richard Branson and came in second.

So, I will let you all decide if Tom or Katie is wearing more Spanx on the red carpet this Sunday. Tom will be there because he is King of the flops, and Katie will be there because she is the Queen of the flops. Yes, their respective movies did not do as poorly as Jessica Simpson or Lindsay Lohan's films, BUT, Tom and Katie get paid for $100M box offices, and so it is a much bigger loss to the studios when their films bomb.


RagDoll said...

Oh, Enty, just KNOW that the GMD loves that panty-like contraption that goes clear up to the clavicle from the mid thigh......

Brenda22 said...

Haha...that is too funny. Maybe Katie shares her spanx with Tom. I've seen hers exposed when she was getting out of a car once.

Brenda22 said...
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captivagrl said...

ENT - you gotta find photos of models wearing spanx and i thought everyone knew that seacrest produced the whore's reality show. with seacrest it's on to the next whore......these boring whoring whores(with minors on the programs)

tracee said...

Tommy wants his butt to look tight...even though we know that shits looser than Amy Wino's teef.

jax said...

they prob remind him of the good ole days of high school wrestling we all know he loved.

Neatly for

Twisted Sister said...

Maybe he wears spanx over his chest to minimize his breasts.

Or perhaps he just likes the name because it reminds him of being over some guys knee.

janele said...

Oh Will Smith, you disappoint me. Please I hope the rumors aren't true of you being courted to be the $¢i€₪t¤£¤gi$t$' next hope now that Tom is just box office poison.

Uber*nought said...
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Uber*nought said...

1./ Twisted Sister, if Tom is a gay man he's a gay man, he does not likely want breasts or want to be a woman. You need to sort the very real difference out in your mind.

2./ Ryan Seacrest has ZERO room to be making even justifiable gay insinuations about other celebrities. That man is cowardly asshat incarnate.

lyz said...

I think what Twisted Sister was referring to is that Tommy seems to have man-boobs....

Twisted Sister said...

Lyz, thanks, you're right, that's what I meant based on his age alone, but I think the term 'uber'nought' might be some other language for 'over thought'.

Uber, I feel the need to tell you that's a joke, so no need to analyze. ;-)

adrian said...

yes--when Tom Cruise is not in shape, he does have man boobs!!
There were all those photos of him about a year ago in turtlenecks where he clearly needed support!

Twisted Sister said...

Adrian, thank you!!!!!!!!!! I knew all that voting for you would bring good karma. ;-)

It's not real bad, but based on his age, I think they're getting a bit droopy.

I'm so glad most people didn't read anything into that statement. Geeze!

kellysirkus said...

Katie has FLASHED her Spanx several time in paparazzi photos. While not sexy, I must say, i appreciate that rather than full exposure -- no one wants to see her batteries.

Majik said...

lmao @ Jax

Why the hell would KatE need to wear Spanx? What's she got to suck in? She's a bony little twig that a stiff breeze would snap in half!

captivagrl said...

twis - i'm shocked! now you're bashing gay aliens with saggy tits? how dare you! what's next?....hiring uber*noughts, making them work 24hrs. a day, and paying them low wages? shame!

Twisted Sister said...


I'm prejudiced against Thetans, Cap. BUSTED!

adrian said...

Hey Twisted-- I go on for fun!! I hate seeing comments twisted around. I got attacked the other day for something I didn't say, but someone decided to "read" into my post.
Anyway, Tom needs to keep his figure in check!!
Sometimes at middle age those man boobs can drop to the knees!!
Thanks for your support!
I am down to 59!!!!

Twisted Sister said...

Hey Adrian - post the link again, please. I'll send some more votes your way.

adrian said...


again--please ignore this post if you are not interested in it--don't be insulting! I am only posting for those who want to vote.

I prettied up my site-- I also get a better score if you leave a comment!!
Not sure how I reached 59, but I am very excited because there are over
4700 entries. If only I had a photo with Xenu--that would probably get me a better chance of winning!

Twisted Sister said...

Nobody is home and I'm playing on the laptop while I watch a movie, so I may as well do some

If registration isn't a hassle, I'll leave a comment, too.

Don't give up yet!

adrian said...

you can leave a comment as a guest, also!!! Thanks soooo much!!

Twisted Sister said...

I just left a comment and it showed my real name instead of my user name, which was Twisty. And NOW it says I can't vote for another 24 hours. I even went there using a different browser and I'm getting the same message. Do they track by IP address or something (if you know)? I'll try again.

I meant to tell you you know, there are some shit-stirrers here. I hate being accused of stuff, particularly bullshit. I didn't see the post where someone gave you a hard time, but wanted you to know - you're not alone, it's happened to several of us.

adrian said...

you are so nice!! You can vote again under a different name if you log out, & log back in.
I like this site because you don't get the idiots posting "1st" or for the most part the pervs living in their parents basement posting their fantasies.
But you also get a lot of bitter friendless people who look for confrontations. I am not sure why.
I got accused of bashing nurses when I said the hospital I was in charged $10 to shampoo my hair. I never mentioned asking a nurse to do it, but some person took it that way.
Half the time I don't even bother to comment because who knows how someone else will take it.
Hope you are having a good weekend--we are having a snowy one.

Twisted Sister said...

To log off and log back in using a different name I'd have to keep registering. Plus, even when I logged into a third browser and voted as a guest, it only let me do it once. They must be tracking IP addresses.

I'm in Chicago and hope we don't get any more snow. We've already broken records here this winter.

We do get idiots posting "First!" once in a while but they get shit for it. This isn't As for the perv living in their parents basement posting their fantasies, EL would have us believe that's him, wouldn't he?

It's not the nurses, it's the hospitals. They charge $10.00 for a tylenol. It's ridiculous.

Don't stop yourself from commenting. Most of the people here are nice.

adrian said...

We are in NY--today we got snow, rain, ice, you name it!
Don't drive yourself crazy with the votes-- If you noticed, there is a viral map--that shows all the places I posted the link. I guess I get higher scores for having people from numerous websites click in--that is why I posted it here. This started out as fun, but now I am at 58 & determined to stay in the top 75 for a chance to win!
I appreciate any votes I can get.
I was posting about how I gave birth in the same hospital JLO did, & how she probably would get better treatment because of how overcowded the preemie ward is--that's where I was. Someone took that as an attack against nurses!! WTF??
This does have a higher thinking level of viewers, I guess you just have to weed out the loonies!

Twisted Sister said...

Oh man, you guys in NY have gotten hit hard, too.

I see you're down to 58 now. Way to go. When does voting end?

I'm sure JLo got better treatment, but she probably also paid $10 to have her hair shampooed. On second thought, she probably paid a few hundred dollars to have some hairdresser come in so she wouldn't look bad leaving the hospital. We should have such worries.

Majik said... about loonies.

Obsess much?

Twisted Sister said...

Majik? Who are you talking to?

adrian said...

Voting ends March 14th.
Actually JLo has all hair extensions--she can just have Marc run them through the dishwasher before he comes up to see her and save the $10. It is probably more now--my son is 11. They live about 5 miles from me--she is always spotted at the Americana--that is a shopping center with EVERY high end store you can name--Prada, Louis Vuitton, Barney's, etc.
I always had my husband or someone else wash my hair for me-- I was just making a point of what the hospital charged, & someone accused me of wanting to make a nurse my bitch. You are correct in saying there are a bunch of sh&tty people out there. Or is it in here? I get confused in cyber-space. I need to say hi to my husband--
he came home tonight after being in Seattle all week, & I have been on the computer. He did bring home a bag of coffee from the 1st Starbucks!

Twisted Sister said...

See what I mean about shit-stirring bitches? Invoke their name and they appear.

Have a good weekend - I'm off.

Molly said...

I didn't know majik was one of the cunts. Thanks for letting us all know majik!

LesSucknoMustDie said...

Yeah Majik why do you have to be such a bitch? People are getting along and the only reason you post is to be an asshole? Up the meds babe.

bionic bunny! said...

i hope i did it right, but i left you some love! is 34 right?? cool! i'll try to remember to keep checking in.

and @ twisted:
"I'm prejudiced against Thetans, Cap. BUSTED!
5:38 PM"
personally, i love thetans. they taste of chicken.
twisty, do you know where Cordova is???

adrian said...

Thanks so much Bionic Bunny-- yes, I am 34 thanks to people like you!
Are you an Arther Fan??

adrian said...

oops--meant Arthur-- I'm not illiterate lol!

bionic bunny! said...

i've been asked that before.
actually a long story!


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