Friday, February 22, 2008

Eric Bana In GQ

I know many of you have been clamoring for more Eric Bana photos, so here is in GQ. If you would like to read the accompanying article, then you really must love him, so I won't ruin the surprise. OK, there really isn't a surprise, but if I could give you one I would. Oh, wait here's one. This comes courtesy of the New Zealand Herald. I would have never found it and never knew that Eric was a stand up comic. You will seriously love this video, and it is beneath all the photos.


Tigercat said...

Unrelated to this, but perhaps a blind item clue ... today's Daily Mail has a photo of Sarah Harding/Girls Aloud kissing another girl with a tag of "Too much 'kiss and make-up'?" Could this be the blind about the Brit singer:

"Which girl group star, and occasional lads' mag fave is more in tune with the ladies... but has, so far, only come out of the closet to her losest friends and family?"

Anonymous said...

The thing I hate about GQ photoshoots is that they're always trying to be edgy by having people look moody. Bana's got a great smile, and dark and moody Bana doesn't do it for me.

Even in Chopper where he was all chubby, he was adorable. Rent Chopper if you haven't seen it a great violent comedy.

Tracee said...

Um the last b&w makes me uncomfortable. Looks like a Playgirl shoot gone wrong. Honey lose the clothes first! THEN put the goods on display.

jax said...

hilarious! eric is so diverse..god i loved the hair helmut.

__-__=__ said...

Not bad but the waist-chest ratio on these guys is really sad. To me.

mandythegreat said...


Unknown said...

He's the sweetest bloke irl. You just wanna hug him and squeeze him and take him home.

Get in the queue, Mandy. :D

Unknown said...

It is well known here about his start in comedy, he started in a show called "full frontal" which was a sketch comedy show.

He was very funny:)

bionic bunny! said...

hey, i likes 'em with their clothes on, too! i mean, the male naughty bits aren't really all that, uh, attractive,
y'know? not in REAL life.
sorry, just a personal opinion from a slightly sheltered older gal.


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