Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Thank You Denise

I think the entire world had pretty much stopped talking about and even caring about whether Denise Richards stabbed Heather Locklear and their friendship in the back by sleeping with Richie Sambora. Me, the world's biggest Denise Richards hater didn't even care anymore, until Denise herself brought it up again this weekend.

The only reason I can think of for her to continue bringing it up is because she feels guilty for stabbing her friend in the back and because she will do anything to get people to watch her new show. Denise says, "The truth of the matter is my friendship with Heather ended before Richie and I even started dating. That's one thing I don't know if people knew or not. I never had an affair. I never cheated on Charlie and Richie never cheated on Heather. If I was still friends with Heather, I would have never crossed that line with Richie at all."

So, let me get this straight. Richie winks at you at a party or flashes you some hundreds and you start to melt. The next day you call Heather and tell her that you don't want to be her friend anymore. The day after that, you call Richie and tell him that you would love to help count his money now and that you can do so with a clear conscience because you and Heather are not friends anymore.

Then when the world starts accusing you of stabbing Heather in the back you cry and scream and really start using chapstick like crazy. Man, I cannot wait until her show starts.


Lux Luthor said...


Ha ha, just kidding.

I really have nothing to say about this little white trash/hair metal soap opera (although I do think it's funny that Denise brought all this up again when, ahem, no one asked). I just thought it looked lonely with no comments posted.

Anonymous said...


Denise is another Bimbo hahaha,

SisterMaryHotPantz said...

Another one I could care less about.

Forever and Ever,


CT-Hilltopper said...

I don't care about this woman at all, other than the fact that I kinda wish Britney had run over her with her Mercedes when she was just aimlessly driving around shopping. I don't think they could have even punished Britney for that, considering she was sick.

anna said...

yeah, i'm with you on the not-caring thing.

but i'll totally watch her show.

Sis said...

It's funny, she thinks she will be able to redeem herself but that's not going to happen since her madness shows through everything! Unfortunately we have only seen a few of her true colors and she still is a no class person who will subject her kids to the madness that surrounds her, I feel bad for her kids. Also, now that Richie is getting better he has got to be kicking himself to hell and back for the havoc he caused Heather and Ava, jmo.


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