Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Pete Charges More Than Kate For Modeling

It is probably a good thing that Pete Doherty never really talks to his managers or agents because I think they would have some serious explaining to do to Pete about what they turned down. heard about Pete and his money problems and though they would do a good deed by offering to pay him $10,000 for one day of modeling. That in itself is way more than they normally would pay, but figured it would be good publicity for the company and they really did want to help.

$10,000 would put Pete in the top 1% of all male models in the world. What did his people say? They said no thanks. Actually the said that the proposed fee was "batting substantially below the mark." So what exactly is the mark?

$60,000 for one day's work and that work day cannot exceed 5 hours. At that rate, Pete would be about the highest paid model in the world either male or female.

The company recorded the call from Pete's people with the $60,000 request and have just laughed and laughed and laughed at the idea that Pete would ask for that much. The company obviously said no, and took the original offer off the table because they felt they were being insulted.

So Pete I guess has enough money where he can pass up $10,000 for one day of work? I don't think so.


Chatty Cricket said...

oh but he's so hot, especially in that picture. who wouldn't pay $60,000 for a piece of that, baby?? said...

You think his managers might be smoking crack too? I suppose it could be a contact high.

Marnie said...

He would do it for a bag of crack if you caught him at the right time.

Anonymous said...

He just played a child's birthday party for $200. I don't think he's really concerned about the amount of money.
MAYBE he just really didn't like the company for some reason...?

Judi said...

Yeah, let's all go out and buy what he's hawking.


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