Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Random Photos Part One - Brit Awards Edition

The Girls Aloud girls. I promise not to say anything mean about any of them. I kind of like them anyway, but Nicola, the one on the far right said in an interview this week that she started drinking because everyone kept calling her ugly, and to this day she always wants to get drunk when she hears something negative about her. My advice to her is instead of drinking, is to go ahead and print out your bank statement and send it to the offenders.
Beth Ditto looks really good.
Not looking so good is Amy Winehouse with that rash. But, to give her some credit, I wouldn't want anyone to magnify my face 1,000 percent either.
Is Ashley Olsen going to be wearing the same outfit when she is 50 because if she is, this is going to get really old.
I am not the king of X Factor but I believe Leona Lewis won last year. Am I right or am I right, or am I right? It is so good to see you.
I didn't even know Kathy Ireland was alive. Shows you what I know. Remember when she was popular? It was a quick 15 minutes.
Mrs. Roper is calling from the grave and wants her clothes back.
Have I told you how much I enjoy it when Kate Beckinsale wears those boots?
Jamie Lynn Spears rocking that 16 year old pregnant girl thing.
I love Natasha Khan. Love her and love Bat For Lashes.
The first photo looks like a mug shot. Aren't the boobs supposed to get bigger when you get pregnant?
Judging by the look on Mark Ronson's face, I guess Pamela Anderson made her proposition.
Yeah. Mika isn't gay.
It must suck to go to an event and if one of the 90210 cast is there some photographer gets the idea to put the pair together.
First look at Two Face.
The Arctic Monkeys. Love this look, but what would have been cooler is if they had worn the Boyz II Men matching outfits.
Shanna Moakler with one of her paychecks. I mean children.
I'm not liking what Rihanna is wearing, although I will be a sheep and go along with what you think on this one.
"So. Let me get this straight. The Jedi Knights were the good guys right?"
Will Young doing the cool look.
And then realizing how pretentious it was.
Take That. At this point, the people in the US are going, "who?"
The Osbournes brought their Kabuki doll.
You have to love The Kaiser Chiefs.


Kevin said...

Do the Brits do it right or what. The Brits are always a good time. And plenty of BI's to come for sure.

Anonymous said...

Kathy Ireland looks almost the same she did 20 years ago. Good for her.

Ent - high heeled boot fetish? Interesting.

Bat For Lashes and Mika both put on great live shows. Go if you can. BFL is much more low key, but the crowd really gets into What's A Girl To Do (sorry if I butchered the song title.. brain's frozen, damn windchills)

I'll take either of the guys on the end from Take That if anyone's offering.

Eireman said...

Good gossip missing is that Girls Aloud is short a member tonight, Nadine lost her passport?

kc said...

Thanks for all the Brit-related posts (including Sean Bean & Babyshambles yesterday).
You know I thought now that things had cooled off with the Osbournes' reality show that their oldest daughter might make an appearance. What's happening w/ her?

(and yes, the Kaisers ALWAYS rock!) said...

God I wish I could be there, or at least watch it on TV.

Amy Winehouse is trying to bring back grunge, literally.

Rhianna said...

Rihanna looks like she stole the un-sequined prototype for Posh's 'outfit' during this fiasco Spice Girls tour. Not good, unless you want to look like an upside down mushroom that escaped from Wonderland.

Eireman said...

BBC America 3/9 @ 8PM Brits in US.

Khemenu said...


Yeah! What's up with that? Seems shady to me.

Brenda22 said...

Hmm...So was the picture of 90210 cast a blind reveal for the two cast members doing drugs at the Vegas party?

Bryn said...

Another blind item hint with the 90210 couple? Enty, I love it!

Eireman said...

khemenu-BBC America is always a few weeks behind. What pisses me off is that they censor great shows like Life on Mars for "American" sensibilities. But I have taped some great movies/shows they rerun every once in awhile that you'll never see in US or even on mainstream BBC anymore.

ms_wonderland said...

WTF do the Arctic Monkeys think they look like? Suspect they are taking the piss.

Story is that Amy missed rehearsal and nearly pulled out altogether after Blaaaake pulled that stunt with the signed-pic-for-heroin deals. He's such a drama queen, and I hope she stops falling for it soon.

schneefloeckli said...

Aren't the boobs supposed to get bigger when you get pregnant?
Isn't your belly supposed to get bigger too?

YahMoBThere said...

Geeze, how you can say how awful Teri Hatcher and Eva L. look all the time, and then make the statement that Beth Ditto looks really good is beyond me. Are you on crack, EL?

YahMoBThere said...

She could, however, play Totie Fields if anyone ever decides to do her life story.

Anonymous said...

Girls Aloud: Uninterested.

Yes Beth Ditto looks good for once, those repeated pics of her fupa busting out of the holes on her ripped stockings were really getting to me.

Drugs have ruined Amy's skin, no surprise there.

Ashley Olsens shades and jacket belong on a yuppie 80s power lesbian.

Jumping on the Leona bandwagon, eh? I have nothing against her, I just loathe Perez's devotion to her, how much he gushes about her, and how he includes her in his list of performers whom he credits himself personally for their expanded popularity.

Anyone see Kathy Irelands crappy ass rental line? OMG I've never seen anything cheaper looking...not even Brit Brit's weave.

I think everyone would respect KatE's new look a lot more if they thought she was (or if she at least looked like she was) actually happy.

I love Kate Beckinsales look here. Those boots are perfect.

Whats with the blush, JLS?

Nicole is really early in her pregnancy and probably still starving herself. Give it some time and her need for munchies just may take over. Who knows, with the Ice Queen.

Hm Mark Ronson rockin' the early Beatles look. I liked him better in the pics from yesterday.

Mika: always evasive about his sexuality in interviews. Hmmm...that could go either way.

Artic Monkeys...were they part of the cast of Newsies? lol

I actually like Rhianna's look...the dress is a weird material but eh, red carpet stuff is always more outrageous than real life, and she looks good. No biggie.

Never understood why actors are important enough to meet royalty.

Ooh Will Young has a great smile!!

I like Kelly's hair with her new slimmed down look. Very chic, she works it well.

Eireman said...

ms-wonderland just heard that Amy did Valerie w/ Mark Ronson and they were great.

Anonymous said...

I actually just bought Valerie on iTunes, on the Bsides to Back to Black album. I was blown away!

Mel said...

Leona's music isn't my cup of tea but she's very likeable (think the opposite to Paris Hilton) and there's no denying the girl's got some good pipes on her.

I love Take That, great lads and they know how to put on a show. It doesn't hurt that their recent success was finger up to Mr. Robbie Williams who thought he was too big to join in their reunion documentary just before they took off again.

dnfrommn you've got good taste, well at least the right-hand side of your brain has;) Howard has been my fantasy for years and he gets better with age too.

Maja With a J said...

TS, I think Beth Ditto is 100 times more beautiful than Teri Hatcher or Eva Longoria. They are boring. Ditto has character, and a lot more shape than Lindsay Lohan for example. Just, you know, bigger. Love her.

captivagrl said...

shanna - preggers again? for god's sake....

Unknown said...

I download my Brit shows, less waiting and no edits. :)

I think Kathy had more than 15 minutes, and yeah, doesn't look half bad. If I had to choose between her and the Suri-gate mom, I'll take Kathy.

YahMoBThere said...

Harriet, this is one of those rare times we disagree. Instead of working with what she's got, she puts a hideous dress on and looks like a blimp. Eva, love her or hate her, usually looks great. Teri, usually looks good. Beth looks ridiculous here and she should really do something about that weight, because it's just not healthy.

pearljam said...

kate beckinsale wouldnt happen to be the answer to a blind about the actress who only wears shoes when "sleeping" around

Amber said...

Okay Ent, you like Bats For Lashes. +5 points :)

I like Amy's Crybaby tear she wears sometimes for "MY BLAKE INCARCERATED".

anna said...

could shanna moakler be a blind hint?


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