Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Oprah Sex Scandal

I like the headline. You know it couldn't actually be about Oprah. Honestly, I don't know if I could envision an actual Oprah sex scandal like a sex tape or something. That would probably be the most shocking gossip ever. This one is actually about Oprah's school. It hasn't been in the news since last year when there was a sex scandal there.

Now, according to the NY Daily News, seven students have been suspended from school for violations ranging from sexual harassment to being caught fondling each other, to attempted coercion of fondling.

Oprah must hate that the school is back in the news again for this. Her school will never be in the news for anything good it does. I'm not actually sure how much good it does do. I'm also extremely curious to find out whether any of the students suspended were in fact any of the 15 people sexually abused by the matron at the school last year.

I'm still not satisfied at all with the way Oprah handled that entire situation last year. It also seems there is still a lot of activity that is going on which is not being reported. The only reason this came to light was one of the girls was really strong arming every other girl in school to lie about what she had sexually done to another girl. It just got to be too much.


Paisley said...

Isn't this normal for boarding schools? It happened all the time in those VC Andrews books. :-)

Quintessential Southerner said...

hmm... i see oprah exhausting all ends to make sure that this does not make it to the headlines. if oprah is NOT doing anything behind closed doors to rectify the situations i would be disappointed.

jax said...

and the cycle of abuse starts...

Sylvia said...

I am sure Opa is pissing on her pants lol.

Judi said...

Eek. Yeah, Jax. Horrible.


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