Monday, March 30, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Sam Roberts is your Artist of The Year at this year's Juno Awards, so he gets the top spot. It is also his first time in the photos, and has therefore achieved the rare double double. Yes, the award is named after the In-N-Out burger of the same name. So, you know it is truly a prestigious honor.
I feel bad because I'm always posting photos of Zac and Vanessa and tend to ignore Ashley Tisdale. Well, today, Ashley can have the spotlight.
How long has it been for Bo Derek and John Corbett?
Do you remember when Jerry Springer would have shows about moms in their 40's who were acting like their teenage daughter? Yeah, I know it also usually involved mom trying to have sex with her daughter's friends, but you miss the point. Actually, I don't even know what my point was going to be except that Cameron needs to stop dressing herself.
The Emily. It just doesn't work as well. I need to come up with a nickname for Emily Deschanel. Sure, Mrs. Enty would work.
I don't know if I have ever seen the entire Ethan Embry family out somewhere.
Ellen Pompeo out doing some good work at Boston's Children Hospital. Judging by the sign, they knew she was coming and to have the cameras ready. I'm also guessing that most of the kids have no idea who she is, but at least she went, so I will keep my mouth shut.
Frankie Muniz and as he made perfectly clear, his girlfriend, Elycia Turnbow. He said it so many times, it makes you wonder how often he has had one.
One of my favorite people in the world. Gabrielle Anwar.
The deer in the headlights award goes to Ginnifer Goodwin.
Halle and her daughter.
And Halle again. Yes, I love Halle.
Just because I know all of you are curious about whether or not Heather Mills is still alive.
Angelina must have been hit by a car or something.
Speaking of cars. That is a very nice car occupied by Johnny Depp and Aaron Eckhart.
A very rare appearance for Jason Isaacs in the photos.
"In the Navy."
Madness - Gold Coast, Australia
Sarah McLachlan & Melissa McClelland - Vancouver
It has been a long time since Maggie Q has been in the photos. She looks lovely as usual.
Michael Vartan and Marley who I fear they will keep trotting out for the next 30 years.
So, every time I talk to any Canadian, they all without question condemn Nickelback. Everyone hates them. So, how come they won Group Of The Year?
Prince - Los Angeles
The Queen is 39. Happy Birthday Queen Latifah.
Rachel McAdams doing some press for State Of Play.
Also present was Ben Affleck.
The very classy Reba McEntire.
In the game, "Would You Rather," is there an option C, like killing yourself?
Not a bad way to end. A little Viggo Mortensen.


califblondy said...

Tyra and Clay just gave me the heebie geebies.

Great picture of Johnny Depp and I'm not usually a Johnny-drooler.

I think Cam is dressed appropriately for the kids choice awards. Was she up for sliming?

A Pimp Named DaveR said...

Hmm... that's an awfully big diamond ring on Queen L's left ring finger, isn't it?

Cindy said...

If you look closely at the sign behind Ellen "I only have one emotion" PompousAss you will undoubtedly notice that the children thought they were getting Ellen DeGeneris (or at least in MY world, that's how it looks and yes, I know it's misspelled, but come on, they are just kids after all)

lutefisk said...

I love a cleaned-up Johnny Depp.

That lookls like it must be Ben Affleck's facebook profile photo.

Cheryl said...

Mmmmmmm Viggo. Yes, please, and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Surprisingly enough, Enty, the kids DID have a very clear idea who Ellen Pompeo was and hold it everyone - they even asked her to pose for a picture and a couple of questions about the show she is on. I know, I know. Might be downright shocking for some folks.

Regardless of it it was a publicity stunt or not people actually do have an idea who she is. Even here overseas.

Anonymous said...

I'm with Samira, the teenage girl is a prime candidate for Grey's watching.

Enty - thank you for all the mens. Viggo, Isaacs, Vartan, Corbett and Embry are all hotties in my book.

For the nickname: E-Desch.

Halle is looking lovely. Nahla is an adorable looking baby even when she looks crabby. Suri Cruise has a competitor in the beautiful baby competition.

I love Queen Latifah, but what the hell is going on with her shirt?

littleoleme said...

As a canadian I can't answer the Nickleback question because I have no idea. I really don't like their music but they keep winning these kinds of awards. It's right up there in the wtf file with people who think Corner Gas is funny or who happily admit to watching Two and Half Men.
I just don't get it.

Majik said...

Enty...Sam Roberts is Canadian--therefore his "double double" is named after Timmy Ho and not In N Out.

Waaaaaay more prestigious.

Sporky said...

or who happily admit to watching Two and Half Men.
I just don't get it." AMEN

I second the thank you for the mens, Enty (except for baby corn teeth Affleck). Although I'm not feeling the hair on Viggo in this picture, he still makes me swoon...even though I strongly suspect he stinks a little. And MADNESS! Madness, they call it Madness!

And I'm happy to see Ethan Embry here, he is a total sweetheart IRL.

sapinou said...

What's up with Ellen Pompeo's husband ? Is he some kind of famous now ?
Welcome Ellen & Chris ?? bwahahaha

ElsieFire said...

"So, every time I talk to any Canadian, they all without question condemn Nickelback. Everyone hates them. So, how come they won Group Of The Year?"

Because good taste is dead. The only redeeming thing about the Junos last night was Sam Roberts, and the bonus: He's a yummy piece of manhood.

mooshki said...

I love Gabriel too, but that dress is BAD.

Madness is still around? Who knew?

When did Affleck's dimple turn into a butt chin?

mooshki said...

"or who happily admit to watching Two and Half Men. I just don't get it."

Two words: Melanie Lynskey. Also the reason I no longer watch.

ms_wonderland said...

Aw Enty you should have used a pic of Viggo with Sean Bean, those two had a lot of fun together at last night's Empire awards.

Johnny's car is a 1960 Austin Healy.

selenakyle said...

Jason Isascs and Viggo Mortensen in the same RP's....WOO HOOOOO!

YEAHHHHH! Thank you, Enty.

Mwah, mwah, kiss, kiss.

jax said...

oh christ Enty! thankyou! can Nickelback please die now?

to quote someone hilarious:

"You can keep your damn change Chad, we don't want your fuckin Nickleback!"

i think the Juno commity seems to thing because they are huge internationally, it must translate at home. it doesn't.

I LOVE Sam Roberts. he has the wisdom and voice of an early Paul McCartney.

B626 said...

Gabrielle Anwar(LOOKS GREAT!) really hit the jackpot when she got cast in Burn Notice. If you're going to be in a bsic cable series, THIS is the one to be on.
Jason Issacs(LOOKS GREAT!) is such a great villian in Tennis Anyone?. Bet he's a sweetie in th real world.

budford said...

depp and viggo heh heh

Kendel said...

Thanks for including reba enty!! Love her!

Joanne said...

Wasn't there a blind about somebody having a child a while back that would be a teenager, and we all thought it was Cam Diaz?

Unknown said...

I had no clue who Jason Isaacs was at first. Without the long blonde Malfoy hair, he looks totally different. And way hot.

nancer said...

what the fuck is with these women posing all pigeon toed and shit, or with their legs splayed like they've crapped their pants? they look ridiculous.
cameron diaz needs to grow up. she looks like she's trying to be 15.
looking at fug ashley tisdale---i'm so sick of those stupid ugly shoes.

Unknown said...

Meh, I'll give Cameron a pass. She looks bad alright, but not nearly as horrendous as say Mariah Carey... almost 40 and still squeezing herself into short shorts and halter tops. That is one woman who needs a damn stylist (or to fire the one she has!)

Smart Girl said...

YAY! I love Viggo thanks Enty for making my morning espresso even more of a heart starter today!

littleoleme said...

P.S. The picture of John Mayer is beyond creepy. You know he'd be the guy rubbing up against women at the salad bar.

Unknown said...

I LOVE Gabrielle Anwar! Halle Barry and her daughter are cute.

Kaley said...

I've never wanted to be a dog before, but if it got me that close to Michael Vartan, I'd happily become one ;)

Sis said...

Love the man candy today, does it get any better than Viggo, Vartan, Depp, Corbett and Isaacs????

Rachel seems on the double zero look, her face looks so long and thin.

Why oh why do these actresses and actors think they look better skeletonized?

Jingle Belle said...

Majik...I concur that the "double double" refers to Tim Hortons coffee (2 cream, 2 sugar for those Americans who have no clue what we are talking about). The Junos are Canadian awards after all. Almost no Canadians have heard of In-and-Out.

And, yes, Nickelback sucks and the Junos are probably rigged just like most awards shows.

shakey said...

Nancer, you made me LAUGH.

I thought Sam Roberts was on something last night. His eyes were weird and he looked clenched.

Frankie's gf certainly knows how to stick her chest and ass out. Did Heather not put her leg on properly? Johnny Depp looking rather French. LOVED Madness. ONE STEP BEYOND! Maggie Q pees standing up.

Here's a sort of conundrum - to love shakey, or to hate shakey. Love: can't STAND Nickleback. Hate: I think Two and a Half Men, although contrived at times, is HILARIOUS.

If Ben Affleck is on facebook, there's a certain app he could use ... ;)

Smart Girl said...

Hey I didn't notice before, top photo is that guy wearing a PONCHO?????? When did they become hip...............(gulp)...again?

nunaurbiz said...

Little know fact: The pic of Depp and Eckhart was shot Friday at El Yunque National Park rainforest and I WAS THERE THAT DAY AND DIDN'T SEE THIS!!! Saw a dead iguana in the road, tho.

Tomorrow I know where Johnny's film is shooting in the afternoon and where it will move in the evening (doors down from where I previously planned to have dinner).

Oh yah, I promise to share any photos or stories I snag! Everyone's talking about Johnny Depp here but today was my bday and my bday wish is Aaron Eckhart!!! <3

Linnea said...

nunau - i will keep my fingers crossed for you!

*girl said...

I worked at Sam Robert's record label the summer when "Brother Down" first broke (2002). I have some of the most amazing Sam stories from that time. And, just to prove what an awesome guy he is - we ran into each other a few months ago on the street and he recognized and approached me. You have to love a guy like that.

I also stand by the fact that I threw a drink on Chad Kruger. I think that states my stance on Nickleback.

Maja With a J said...

*girl, I remember that story, and you are still my hero because of it.

Chad Kruger is probably the biggest douche in the music industry, and I hope to meet him some day so I can tell him that I hate him for ruining rock 'n' roll. Or pour a drink over him.

littleoleme said...

*girl - you're my hero.
I hope there was rum or something sticky-when-it-drys in your drink.

MnGddess said...

Cindy, that EXACTLY what I thought when I saw the Ellen banner LOL.

Enty, the combo of the HILARIOUS photo of John Mayer and then the shot of Madness (Our house, in the middle of the street...) made my day.

And love the shots of Depp, Viggo, and Michael Vartan.


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