Friday, April 03, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Adrien Brody has never been on top. He is an Academy Award winner. He deserves it.
Plus he was out and about supporting his photographer mother, Sylvia Plachy.
Ace Young trying to sell you a Ford Festiva. When you get Ace Young to endorse your product you can really see how important it is to the company.
Do you think Billy Ray Cyrus has someone do his makeup for him, or do you think he does it on his own? If it weren't for that soul patch, I swear he would look more feminine than Miley.
You have to admit that Britney Spears looks good here.
Demi Lovato takes her younger sister to a red carpet. Look how much she is loving it.
I wish Eva Mendes would take me to a red carpet. Or throw me down on the carpet, or just roll me up in her carpet and take me home.
You can kind of see Haley Joel Osment's face when you look at Emily Osment. I don't think I have seen a picture of Haley in a long time.
The first time Princess Eugenie has been spotted in public smoking. Although she has smoked for awhile, she normally never smokes in public places. I guess because she was in Australia she thought it was safe.
Hilary Duff looks pretty good considering she might have a hangover or tired voice from screaming. From Gawker. Thanks Marisa.
I don't think I ever said congratulations to Idina Menzel and Taye Diggs for the pregnancy thing. I don't usually mention them, but, hey it is Idina and Taye.
8 hours after their baby is born, Jamie Oliver dragged his wife and kid outside and made them pose. They named their kid a bunch of nouns. Petal Blossom Rainbow. Yeah. Good luck with that name. Of course she has two sisters. One is named Poppy Honey and the other is Daisy Boo. I'm guessing Jamie isn't the one picking out these names. It sounds to me like they are just looking at books about spring and picking random words and then combining them.
Kevin Spacey alongside the director of his new play.
Lily Allen - Los Angeles
Melora Hardin and her husband Gildart Jackson and their kids.
Nicole and Joel. She has become so much more popular now that she isn't on television anymore.
Unlike Paris who figures if Lady GaGa can make this work she can. Paris only wore it so people would post her picture. Mission accomplished.
A random Italian actor named Raoul Bova. I just thought you might like him.
So, these ShoWest awards are just a big scam. They gave Sienna Miller an award.
I can understand giving Rachel McAdams an award but they also gave Zac Efron an award.
And Rumer Willis. Yes, she got an award for her acting. I know, I know. It's like one of those fake modeling agencies that say a 400 pound man can be a star if I give them some money for fees and photographs.
Michael Caine got a lifetime achievement award. They ran out of trophies but gave him Sienna for the night. Hey, he's married. She didn't mind.
Stevie Nicks doing a little dance.
Does Tatyana Ali even act anymore? I know she was on a soap for a little while. Oh, she did some singing right?
Teri Hatcher looks almost wrinkle free from this distance. Must have been botox week.
Taylor Swift with that Jennifer Lopez squint.


Anonymous said...

Adrian Brody can top my list anytime. Ace Young could, too, for that matter.

Raoul Bova is a beautiful man. He was the dude in Under the Tuscan Sun and Rosanna Arquette's dead husband on What About Brian.

Thank you for the beautiful boys, Ent.

selenakyle said...

Oh yes, I definitely like this new Raoul person, QUITE a bit.

Thanks, Enty!

selenakyle said...

Oh thanks, DN...that's where I recognize him from.


mooshki said...

Rrrrrrrrow at Raoul!!!

.mesh said...

Demi's sister is also an actress... She's on desperate housewives, isn't she?

Cheryl said...

I like Raoul! Can I keep him?

I love Stevie Nicks!

Eva Mendes is wearing the hell out of that dress.

Anonymous said...

Billy looks gay lol.

Britney doesn't look bad.

Demi Lovato's sister isn't she on Desperate Housewives???

Paris the skank always looking for attention.

Raoul very very nice and I love Under the Tuscan Sun.

Another skank (Sienna)

Really can't stand Zac's hairdo.

Why did Rumer get an award??? or who paid for the award lol.

ItsJustMe said...

They also gave Audrina Partridge one of those awards ... ugh, barf.

I need to find an Italian man ... for eye candy and recreational purposes, only.

Nice to see Mrs. Oliver is one of those types who doesn't lose their baby weight 5 minutes after giving birth (and yes, I know those types)

After reading that Gawker piece, totally confirms to me that H. Duff is the coke fiend in the blind items from years ago.

bionic bunny! said...

yeah, but anonmom, those women who lose the baby weight "on the table" can't lose weight any other time in their lives, so don't be jealous. first hand experience here.
raoul is QUITE yummy! but what's up with his watch?

parasite needs to be put down. said...

Oh man why did I think Hillary Duff was a little more grown-up than that?

Unknown said...

My life took an "Under the Tuscan Sun" turn six years ago. But I sadly waited five years to find my own Brasilian version of Raoul Bova. Unfortunately, mine doesn't distill Limoncello for me in the besement of the family restaurant. Rather he goes out to the ranch and slaughters a cow when he heads back to the fazenda. for the liquor, has to schlep to the freezer to fetch me a double-shot

Hey, ENTY, post Raoul bare-ass calender photos soon, okay? His nude form marvels the Italian engineering of Ferrari.

what is eight past six? said...

I refuse to look at imdb to verify but I believe Tatyana's most recent acting credits have been limited to straight-to-video urban movies. Weird though b/c I've been seeing her out and about pretty frequently over the past year.

Ace is an AI castoff and is now co-hosting one of the gazillion bazillion shows dedicated solely to Idol coverage, so that would explain the whole Ford ting. I doubt it's even a "real" commercial, probably just part of his hosting duties. That's okay though, he is a nice little piece of eye candy. Liking the haircut.

With a name like ShoWest it should be expected that they're a sham. The name sounds like a cheap motel.

lol @ the Duff story. It would have been even funnier if the guy had said "you know you are no longer a celebrity as of five years ago, right?"

Anonymous said...

I also think Britney looks like shit. Her hair is lank, flat and lifeless, and she has dead eyes and that stupid mouth-gaping-open-in-lieu-of-actually-smiling thing going on. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but Enty wants to keep his gf happy so apparently we're blind and Brit doesn't look retarded here.

sandman said...

i don't know much about her, but something about sienna miller makes me very horny. something about her fun, not overly made-up appearance & carefree spirit.
i would love to run into her at a party & turn it into a long weekend under the sheets.

lutefisk said...

How come sometimes Paris has breasts, & other times she doesn't.
I can't figure that out.

Ms Cool said...

Paris, Rumer, Miley, Sienna...

Can't you please give a girl a teensy picture of Daniel Craig instead of those girls?

Anonymous said...

Agreed on the Britney "dead eyes" comment. I can't recall seeing a real smile where the mouth, cheeks and eyes are all fully engaged.

Demi's little sis is aDORable, though I'm having a bit of a problem with the outfit.
Again, cute as heck, but it's as if someone tried to give the little one a look - like "biker" or "rock 'n' roller." She's what, six? She doesn't need a "look" crafted for her....I'm sure if you let her, she'd come up with her own doozies.
And I don't believe this is a doozy of her own making.

J said...

ROFLMAO @ Billy Cyrus!!

Talk about blow the hinges off the closet door, lol!!!

I guess its true, Justin really is for him

Go Brit!

J said...

@ sandman

if you have a wife, you may have a chance...

Little Miss Smoke and Mirrors said...

Rock on, gold dust woman.

Prisca said...

Raoul Bova is stunning! More, more, more!

mooshki said...

"Enty wants to keep his gf happy"

If my bf didn't try to keep me happy, I'd dump his sorry ass! And whoever you are, what's the big obsession with his new gal, lol?

Lutefisk, Paris has one of those "water bras" that adds like 3 cup sizes.

PJ Nelson said...

Wonder if Billy Ray Cyrus knows that soul patch is off-center? What a doofus.
Raoul Bova is very VERY acceptable...
Michael Caine looks wonderful as always.

B626 said...


Unknown said...

Is the caption for Kevin Spacey a reveal?? I feel like a remember a blind about a stage actor sleeping with the director/cast mate... a lot of people guessed Clay Aiken. Am I making this up?

Ice Angel said... it just me or is Rumer kind of starting to fit into herself lately. She actually looks pretty cool.

Emily Osmet looks gorgeous in that picture and I still love Miley and BR!

shakey said...

I finally saw Baby Mama last night. Burst out laughing when the mother told her child, "you have a play date with Wingspan and Banjo."

After Baby Mama, I saw The Clown At Midnight. Tatyana Ali was one of the victims.

Donna said...

Raoul Bova. Yum. Wasn't he the Italian love interest for Diane Lane in Under The Tuscan Sun?


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