Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Happy Birthday to Shirley Jones. She looks really good for 75 and having to put up with Danny Bonaduce for several of those years.
The happy couple of the day goes to Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper.
You would think that Alexis Bledel and Amber Tamblyn would go on the top, but they lost points because Nylon has whats her face on their 10th anniversary cover. - ECA
Britney Spears for Candies. Oh, its clothing. My bad. I thought I was going to get some food.
Holy crap. Christina Aguilera actually looks normal and pretty.
Chris Brown surrounded by many of his women fans. Notice his pose. Nice. Thanks to TMZ for the photo.
Chace Crawford on the set of Gossip Girl, and probably your next star of Footloose. If you can't get Zac, you might as well get his more cooperative twin.
Diane Krall - New York
I have to say that Donald Trump looks like he is genuinely smiling and not that smirk of his. He must have found a better hairspray.
Yes. I will admit it. Eva Longoria looks good here.
Posing with the same car was the lovely Sofia Milos.
The I look out of my mind award goes to Zach Braff who is standing next to Emily Mortimer.
Guy Ritchie in much more conservative attire than normal.
In film class today, Hayden P shows you how to attach a microphone to your clothing.
I want to rant on this photo so much. Why? Let me tell you. Look at Jennifer Aniston's coat. It is completely buttoned. It is not going to open or fly up. She is putting her hand on her stomach for one purpose only. Publicity. She knows this picture will show up in some tabloid with another suggestion about her being pregnant or wanting to be pregnant. She knows it as soon as she puts her hand there. Give me any other explanation.
Johnny Depp makes up for all of the anger from above.
Yeah, Hi Jay Z. Look behind Jay and notice the guy with his tongue sticking out about to drop acid.
"Hi I'm Lydia Hearst. I'm worth more money than God, dress like crap, and weigh approximately 4 pounds. Oh, and I also f**ked Cisco Adler."
Michael Imperioli - New York
Maksim and Karina will have lots of time to plan that wedding now that both are finished with DWTS for the season.
The Ronson I would actually like to meet with Jimmy Fallon.
Is Michelle Trachtenberg trying to look sexy or just ticked off she is having to pose?
A blast from the past. Marcia Wallace.
Vandals knocked out the back window of Octo-Mom's car last night. You would think she would have some security. If you spend thousands on MAC and BeBe, you can afford a security guard.
I don't think I have ever seen Peaches Geldof all dressed up. She looks nice.
Is that a tan or chemical peel on Sienna Miller's face?
I rarely do the whole congratulations thing for babies, but for Scott Wolf and his wife Kelley, I will make an exception.
So, I think Taylor Momsen should spend more time doing homework and less time going out and playing the pap game. She went to two parties last night and changed clothes and makeup so she would have a better chance of her photo being used. How about putting that much effort into something useful?

Mmmm. You can lick a Simpson soon. The US Post Office is issuing Simpsons stamps later this year.


Anonymous said...

Plastic does wonders to celebrities hahaha.

Amanda Seyfried looks nice.

Chris B. Eeewwwww

Chace C. sort of looks like Gay Zac.

Didn't recognize Zach Braff, what is wrong with his eyes.

Guy Ritchie he looks happy now that he isn't with Madonna. His kid now has a Mohawk thought that was out of style.

Can't stand Jennifer A. Bad actress.

Jay Z and Beyonce deserve each other.

Maksim looks gay.

Scott Wolf and Kelley look like a nice couple.

mooshki said...

Not to mention having to put up with that horrible husband of hers.

Next time I hear Aniston complaining about her "lack of privacy" I'm going to hunt her down and smack her.

Aw, c'mon Enty, you know what that is on Sienna's face.

Taylor Momsen's parents need to be arrested.

I'm so happy about the Simpson's stamps - they're going to make sending out work mail MUCH more pleasant!

palealebrew10 said...

Taylor looks..awful. Whoa. I've never even seen her parents.

I will admit that I think Guy Ritchie is physically attractive. That's the extent, though.

Zach looks strung out. Actually, most of the people in the Randoms today look strung out on something.

Anonymous said...

I seriously thought Hayden was Kelly Ripa at first glance. Good or bad? Hmmmmm.

lutefisk said...

Lydia Hearst is fugly. If Patty didn't have sex in the closet with the entire SLA, would her daughter be a model?

West End Girl said...

Diana Krall always cheers me up so thanks, sincerely, for that pic, Enty!

Fabulous! said...

britney just doesn't look the same in any of her photoshoots these days. it's depressing and hard to support someone who's only in it hal-heartedly.

xtina looks gorgeous as usual. i love her style so much.

...further proof that chris brown is the worlds biggest douchebag...

i don't get all the hype about chase crawford. he's hot, but not /omgfallingoverfeethot

eva longoria looks really pretty, but a lil unreconizable.

i don't get what all the fuss is about with jenn aniston or her messing with paps. tho i don't think she's "posing" with that intent. maybe she just had a big sandwich and she's full? i've done that once or twice.

johnny depp looks a lot like patrick swayze in that pic.

jay z looks like a dorky shadow of himself. damn beyonce.

i can't stand octo-mom any less than the next person, but i can't justify vandalizing her car over it. she does have children (for now) to "take care of".

i love the simpsons but i don't understand why they didn't do the stamp thing years ago when they were more relevent.

Anonymous said...

I love Shirley Jones, and she also looks great for living with Marty all these years.

Chatty Cricket said...

um, I do believe that Jennifer Aniston is filming a movie about a woman who is pregnant (or trying to get pregnant, or something like that)....could a possible alternative explanation be that this is a shot from the film?

OT, Shirley Jones looks AMAZING.

Judi said...

Exactly, AnnMarie! How did she do it? The guy is SO whacked.
Anniston's ridiculous.

Judi said...

Also, Heidi Montag is p.g. Wonder who the father is.

mooshki said...

Judi, the father is Perez Hilton. Both their twitters say that. (When does this stupid day end? :) )

Sporky said...

Whoah, I had no idea Christafuh could play guitar!

SkittleKitty said...

Actually, ENT, you know Marcia Wallace isn't really from the 'past' since she's been on (coincidentally?) The Simpsons for forever. Sure, in person is a bit from the past, but her voice has always been around...

JW said...

It's Diana, with an "a". She's Canadian, eh.

Maybe Jennifer just left the gym and was checking her abs. I'm guilty of that one.

warmislandsun said...

Shirley Jones is beautiful! Is that her husband? They look like a really cute couple.

califblondy said...

Thanks to Brit, now I know what high heels go with a bathing suit. I was so worried about that.

Has Johnny had some work done? He sure cleans up well.

That little Hearst girl looks scarey.

nunaurbiz said...

If you want to see more of Johnny Depp on the set of "The Rum Diaries" and one GREAT shot of Aaron Eckhart, go here:

If you see a photo of fans standing there and there's a chick in a green dress with a dreadful expression on her face, that's me. I was talking to the chick with the camera and I think that's when Aaron (sigh) walked RIGHT BY US! I got a photo of the back of his head. Later, when he came out, I called out, "Happy belated Birthday, Aaron!" He turned, smiled and waved at me. The chick said she'd send me a pic of that, but I haven't gotten it yet :-)

BTW everyone here in San Juan loves Johnny Depp. He's been very gracious and friendly.

I'm staying at the hotel that was good enough for George Clooney to stay out when he was here (J Lo and Skeletor partied here on NY Eve), but apparently this resort isn't good enough for Johnny's cast :-(

It was fun seeing him and Aaron (sigh....) though! It was my bday the day before and I got what I wanted (kinda): Aaron Eckhart to know I existed LOL

ardleighstreet said...

Maybe Jen A. has indigestion or thinks she's Napoleon.

Happy B-day Shirley.

WTF? Who thought that photo of Chris B. was a good idea? I'm sad those girls didn't just kick his ass.

Sienna M. tan? chem. peel? RUG BURN? You decide.

Eeny Beeny Meeny said...

Never mind Danny B. - poor Shirley had to put up with husband Jack Cassidy (dad of David and Shaun), a major cheater/tool, for nearly 20 years. Now she's married to Marty Ingels, the guy in the pic, and he's a big jerk/doofus/alleged shoplifter. She's either a saint or masochistic! Nevertheless, she does look amazing for her age.

Ding dang - I can't buy Candie's adorable shoes anymore now that Brit-Brit's associated.

Enty - keep running the Johnny D. pix: they're good for what ails me.

Diana Krall is a fabulous musician; however, having worked wth her when I did p.r. for a music festival right before she hit the big time, I can vouch for the fact that she was a Stone Cold Bitch. And I hear she's gotten worse. (Why, Elvis, why???)

Marcia Wallace, on the other hand, is a _doll_ - very sweet and friendly.

ahdaboom said...

anyone else remember aniston being on letterman RIGHT after she married brad? letterman asked if they wanted kids and jen said "yes. and i want to be a young mom". and letterman was like "well tick-tock" and she said they would have them soon. here we are 9 years later, still using the baby thing for press.

Wil said...

Are Candie's still shoes?? I remember they were scandalous to have and wear at my Catholic high school back in the mid 1800's!

As for Aniston .. she is looking right at the camera .. so ya .. she knew what the net result would be.

jenna said...

Enty, your turning into perez. You hate Jen A so therefore use any excuse to blast her. Just cause she had her hand over her stomach? I mean...was there nothing else to write about? If you hate giving her publicity so much why do you pay for pap photo's of her?

Leah said...

Yes! Amber and Alexis look so cute!

Chris Brown looks like a complete loser. I wish he was posing with the girls wrestling team instead.
And that the team had tied him into a pretzel.

Jay Z looks much smarter with glasses on...

Lydia Hearst looks like Tinkerbell on crack.

Mooshki I agree, Taylor's parents should held responsible, isn't she 15? Perhaps when you're out looking for Jen A you could swing by the Momsen's and give them a slap too.

slappywhyte said...

I thought that was Kelly Ripa not Hayden P ... but where do I apply for the microphone attacher job position? ... willing to relocate

mooshki said...

nunaurbiz, YAY!!! I'm so glad you got your Aaron encounter! Those sunglasses Johnny is wearing in those pics are not flattering at all. They make him look like post-meltdown Christian Slater. Aaron, on the other hand, looks gorgeous. I always get caught with some kind of dumb look on my face when people take pictures of me too. :)

Leah, great idea! Yep, she's still 15. Ugh, I IMDB'd her, and she started acting at age 3, and her kid sister was a child actor too. She's obviously just a meal ticket to her parents. Poor girl never had a chance. She's Lilo Lite.

Sinjin said...

Perhaps Aniston is very gassy and explosive diarrhea is imminent! Just a happy thought.

Those loser chicks happily posing with Chris 'douchebag' Brown are too vapid, and shallow to be properly ashamed of themselves.


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