Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Random Photos Part One

Andy Hallett - RIP
It is always a good thing when Will Arnett and Jason Batemen get together. If only this was them filming Arrested Development.
Alec Baldwin and his "guest." At this point she looks so drunk, it is like he is carrying a mannequin around. Come to think of it, with Alec, you just never know.
Alyssa Milano looking lovely at her book signing.
Ed Westwick walking the runway in a kilt.
Kellie Pickler was there, but not in a kilt.
Mike Myers making me laugh.
The GEICO caveman, because, everyone knows kilts were big back then.
I will let you make your own comments about Marcus Schenkenberg.
The tool of the day goes to Billy Ray Cyrus.
Demi Moore in Paris and probably Twittering away.
Entourage is back!
I'm guessing the box Hugh Jackman is carrying is not empty.
Hollywood baby contest, Day 43
PETA makes another statement. The one wearing the fur coat was given by Kim Cattrall.
Is she seriously wearing plastic around her legs?
And Sean Connery killed his wife right there on the red carpet.
The cast of The Tudors.
Tina Turner - Manchester


Moosefan said...

What happened to Andy Hallett?

Unknown said...

Heart disease. :(

lutefisk said...

Is it me, or is Billy Ray looking extremely feminine there?

David D. said...

Billy Ray Cyrus: girlish and wistful.

GladysKravitz said...

I'm sure Paul McCartney prefers saran wrapped legs to a leg made of plastic that is able to lift his wallet and run the other way.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Marcus is looking a little aged in the face, but that body is amazing. And I'd rather see him handling his own sword rather than a metal one.

RIP Andy Hallett, best part about "Angel".

I know Jackman's like all muscle these days, but a box like that can't be light and he's carrying it with his fingertips... ... ... sorry daydreaming about a Jackman/Schenkenberg sandwich.

Ed Westwick's outfit is um... hobo not-so-chic?

jenna said...

seriously...I wish PETA would just fuck off! I'm sick of their lame stunts. Go do something that will really improve animal welfare instead getting their picture taken.

nancer said...

paul's women seem to have a thing with their legs.
he had one with a plastic leg, and this one has plastic ON her legs.

jax said...

i'm not much for Peta support,but damn i'm not into the Kajillion dollar Olympics in Vancouver. what a waste of resources in a much needed city.

Theresa said...

So sad that Andy Hallett died so young. :(

Sporky said...

Okay the Sean Connery comment just about killed me. No pun intended.

Ms Cool said...

I'm digging Tina Turner but getting a bit whistful for Daniel Craig.

irishstayc2 said...

God I loved Andy as Lorne the Karaoke Demon on Angel. What a shame - I read that he had been sick for 5 years with it. RIP Andy! Thanks for sharing that Enty

Is it me or does Kelly Picklers face look like it's getting back to "normal"?? yummy yummy men yay!

I just can't appreciate Mike Myers after hearing what a total douche he is...

lutefisk said...

I just heard Idina Menzel is pregnant!

Anonymous said...

What happen to Andy Hallett?? I can't remember what series he used to come out he was funny.

Alyssa is so cute.

Is Marcus S. the same guy that was supposedly engaged to Pam "Trashy" Anderson?

Billy Ray looks ridiculous with that goatee.

Matthew's baby is so cute.

Did Paul Mc married already??

Tina's Legs look fabulous.

Unknown said...

The Geico Caveman in a kilt? All of my Scottish DNA just died.

warmislandsun said...

What posesses any man, even a tool, to shave all of his face except for a pubic patch underneath his lower lip? It looks gross on a young man and absolutely moronic on an elderly man.

Sis said...

pubic patch...good one!

Wil said...

I am so bummed out about Andy I can hardly think. Such a sweetie pie .. and so young. Life really is a horrible bitch. I guess this might explain why he wasn't cast in "Dollhouse" .. his Dad said he was suffering form heart failure and was diagnosed shortly after the end of "Angel." Very sad .. he was just so sweet and wonderful.

Though one good note .. Alyson's little girl. So .. ya .. not making me happier.

Bye Andy .. Godspeed.

Oh .. and Fuck PETA. - Just MHO - you can feel free to dissent.

Judi said...

Agreed, DN, that Andy was the best thing about 'Angel.' He was brilliant. RIP. :-(

bramblewitch said...

Very sad about Andy, people. I'm still having trouble over the whole Natasha Richardson thing and now this. Very, very sad.

Unknown said...

That Baldwin pic reminds me...sometimes I see these pics I wonder, how the hell do you ladies walk in heels? Sheesh. And try walking in those drunk. I know I'd faceplant.

RIP Andy

ElsieFire said...

Awww, Andy Hallet. Thanks for bringing the LOLs on Angel. You will be missed. :<

I have an overwhelming need to punch Billy Ray in the face. My daughter does not need to know I have murderous intentions to Hannah's father.

Hey Jax, I hear ya. Good luck out there, and tell your mayor if he wants to stay alive, not to head to Ottawa for a cash injection. Have a feeling that wouldn't go over well. :o

Chrissy Buns said...

i am SO BUMMED about Andy Hallet! he was the best part of Angel...except for Angel himself, and Spike, i loved Spike. it's so sad that someone so young would succumb to heart disease, and he was such a talent!

and Billy Ray is such a douche! he needs to lay off the highlihgts and flat iron and shave off the stupid little fuzzy thing on his chin. he should pay a little more attention to ALL his kids and stop trying to be famous...ok, i've ranted now.

and i love Kelly Picklers dress, to bad it's on her

Ice Angel said...

Why all the BRC bashing? Love him and think he looks great, although the picture is a bit odd and I too would advise him to lose the goatee. That said, if you watch Hannah Montana, you will see that his character pokes a lot of fun at himself for the highlights and flatiron. So I actually think he has a sense of humor about it. He also gets a lot of laughs with mullet jokes.

I don't care what anyone says...I think Miley and her dad both got it goin on!

Anonymous said...

The "plastic" legs Paul's girlfriend is wearing are actually either sequin leggings or a jumpsuit that was designed by his daughter, Stella, for her fashion line.

Ice Angel said...

I love Paul, but his daughter's designs suck, IMO. If she wasn't his daughter, she would not have a career.

Ice Angel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ice Angel said...


Here they are...and only $1,400.00!

ElsieFire said...

Ice Angel, it's one thing to make fun of your looks on TV (when there are writers penning those lines), and yet another to actually leave the house of your own free will looking as such.

Who wears soul patches? BRC and Adnan Ghalib. 'Nuff said.

Unknown said...

I totally thought Tina Turner was doing "Thriller" moves. Cracked me up when I first looked. But she looks amazing! She has way more energy than I do.

Ice Angel said...

True, Elsie...but still love him!

lanasyogamama said...

RIP Andy Hallett, I loved you on Angel.

blankprincess said...

RIP, Andy :(

I hoped he lived his last days just as he pleased, the way they all did in the final episode of Angel.


Unknown said...

enty - thanks for putting andy hallett in here - that is really sad - he wss really young to die from heart disease.

and i love will arnett and jason bateman - its been at least a couple of weeks since i last pulled out one of my arrensted development dvds! but that is because i have decided to see what 30 rosk is abotu - just saw first season - hilarious!

and does anyone else find ed westwick attractive - he is kind of smarmy and gross and possibly gay but i still want him!!

and if i can't have marcus schenkenberg (is he famous) can i at least get his scarf?

Unknown said...

how bad is my typing today - sorry for all the errors (and crappy punctuation)

and bebedog - i love the thriller moves comment - i went back to look and you made me giggle!

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mooshki said...

R.I.P, Andy. As others have said, Lorne was a very special character on a great show.

shakey said...

Is Ed Westwick trying to read something far away? I agree about the Kellie Pickler dress. She is scary looking up close, though. Isn't Marcus wearing a towel, rather than a kilt?

Billy Ray is so pretty, minus the stain below the lip. Who wears sandals on a red carpet in March?

I wish I had Tina Turner's body.

Pookie said...

peta can suck it.

Leah said...

I love that picture of Will and Jason. BUT- What is up with the blond girl whose face is distorted by the plexi-glass? Does it look like she has HUGE eyes? Or even two pairs?

Did Marcus ever date Cam Diaz? Looks as though he's sporting "Something About Mary" hair.

Billy Ray Cyrus- I can't tell if the multiple necklaces, the soul patch or the scarf is the biggest problem. His "pose" isn't helping either.

Entourage! I love Turtle!

"And Sean Connery killed his wife right there on the red carpet." - HA! She does look like she's about to go limp.

The cast of the Tudors look like they're sharing a secret. Oh, and they look like they've no idea where they are. Out of it.

Tina Turner's butt. Never mind her legs. WOW.
Is this who Madonna is competing with? Tina takes the fit but aging crown.

mooshki said...

Leah, I spent a few minutes figuring out how glass made her eyes double. It's such an awesome photo - between Miss Four-Eyes and the Lollipops, it could be a scene out of Arrested Development. :)


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