Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holly Madison Cracks Me Up

Not content to just bide her time for the next few days until she is kicked of Dancing With The Stars, Holly Madison is trying to stay relevant and look important. Do you remember the Kim Kardashian airbrushing controversy from last week? Well, yeah, I didn't think it was world economic crisis material, but it is always fun to see the before and after.

It was a one day thing and Kim K released an idiotic statement and it should have been over. Instead, Holly decided she also had something to contribute to the discussion. She said that Kim was beautiful, and that she shouldn't have to change a thing. I agree. Hey, I agreed with Holly Madison. Then, she took the time to remind us of what an important figure she was over at the Playboy empire. I seriously was going to write about this yesterday, but everytime I would reread the article I would start crying from laughing so hard and had to write about other things.

"One of my pet peeves is too much Photoshop. When I worked at Playboy, I was always really strict that the Photoshop we used on the girls was minimal."

So, I gather from this statement that if we looked at before and afters of Holly's photos there would be very little airbrushing. Uh huh. Right. She is so full of crap and such a hypocrite. But what made me laugh hysterically was the part about her being really strict. Umm. Who here thinks Holly made any decisions whatsoever about anything that went into the magazine, let alone laid down the law about how much Photoshop to use. Please. Her job was to pretend to make decisions while the cameras were running and even then you could see that Hef was just playing along.

Strict implies she was in charge of someone or something or the photos that went into the magazine. I don't think she was, and if she was, I would like to see the before and afters of not only her photos, but the ones she "supervised."


janele said...

I hate to admit that I watched a few episodes of "The Girls Next Door". I think Holly was seen at her "job", which was to edit some of the Playboy pages, including how the models looked on the page.

Not defending her or playing Devil's Advocate. Just stating what I remember seeing from one episode that pertains to this post.

Anonymous said...

She may have had a say if by "the girls," she means her own breasts.

Unknown said...

Whatever she did over there - the title should have end with:


Anonymous said...


Janele, probably she was taught what she needed to do to make believe she was involved in that department.

If a person like her makes such stupid comments it doesn't make her look like a very reliable person to do the job right.


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