Friday, April 03, 2009

Look Out Germany Here Comes The Hoff Drops

Just when the German people were beginning to forget the horror of actually purchasing David Hasselhoff albums and making him one of the top selling singers in that country, here comes more trouble. No, it isn't David singing a live album, but rather his two daughters.

It turns out that Taylor and Hayley besides watching each of their parents freak out over the past couple of years are also burgeoning singers. Well, singers in The Hoff mold no doubt. David is organizing it all and has reserved them studio time and hired some of the best songwriters to give them material.

Their music is being compared to Miley Cyrus, Disney level pop music. So, exit Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana and look who comes calling, The Hoff and his two children. I'm sure Disney will hear from David at some point about his idea for a reality show or a show loosely based on their recording an album, etc. Meanwhile David can play the single father who has to deal with it all. It already sounds predictable and boring and it hasn't even been green lit. Oh, The Hoff Drops name? It is totally real. Hopefully they can talk him out of it. And, if the whole Disney thing doesn't work out, at least they know they can tour as a trio all over Germany.


Pookie said...

wow, talk about exploiting your kids disguised as 'helping' them...

Maja With a J said...

*LOL* The Hoff Drops! That is the most awesome thing I have heard today.

Then again, it's still before noon.

captivagrl said...

this is great. can't wait for the paps and tabloids to start. first i've heard of it. just looked them up, at least the ages are 18 and 16.
but that's past disney interest, isn't it?

Judi said...

Yeah - too old for Disney. And this is disturbing. Don't these kids know how to do anything else?


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