Thursday, April 02, 2009

Random Photos Part One

It's Tom Ford. Enough said.
Ummm. Wow. Valentino must have just decided to take a bath in tanning liquid. Sure, I know Anne Hathaway is pale, and so the contrast is going to be greater. Oh, who I am kidding, that is the worst tan I have ever seen. Ever. Didn't he notice he was orange when kids with knives started following him thinking he was a pumpkin.
What exactly does Avril Lavigne do now?
Amy Winehouse actually looks clear and alert here. What makes it more shocking is that the event happened in the evening so she must have behaved all day.
The lovely Carla Gugino who we haven't seen in about two weeks.
For some reason Dwayne Johnson has been doing the Race To Witch Mountain press runs solo.
I have never really seen Emma Roberts looking like this. It is a new style.
A little bunny payback for the Fatal Attraction scene.
I hate to say it, but Gwyneth Paltrow actually looks normal and not that bad.
Did Janice Dickinson get more work done?
The randomness photo of the day. Jane Kaczmarek, Kristen Bell and Perrey Reeves.
Is the new hairstyle so we can't make fun of her squint anymore? It just looks stupid and also must make walking or seeing anything in front of you very difficult.
Of course if you were married to this, you might want to be blind as well.
Last week was Rory Culkin, so this week you get Kieran Culkin.
Why is it they always wrap Suri in a million blankets?
Kate Moss looks like a living Jolly Green Giant commercial.
That is Mercy James.
That is Megan Fox with an entirely new look and next to her is Amanda Seyfried.
Mickey Rourke takes his beer with him.
I have no idea why Nick and Lemon Jello are so dressed up. Maybe they need a loan. Or a job.
Meh. I know, it's Rosario Dawson, but she just looks meh.
I would like to compare Rose McGowan's squint with Jennifer Lopez to see who has the bigger one.
Did Rita Wilson get a boob job?
Shane West trying to cash in on some of that Vitamin Water money.
Now that Victoria is overseas so much, there are not as many pictures of her everyday. I like that.


SkittleKitty said...

Suri's always in blankets because her parents seem to refuse to put her in a coat, like a normal child.
Then again, she is an alien child.

mooshki said...

So you'll comment about Jen A's hand on her belly, but not Tom Ford's headed for his no-no? ;)

That's a gorgeous picture of Carla.

Is that a blind reveal for The Rock?

As ONTD said, Emma Roberts really does look like like she's trying to be Audrina "Ceiling Eyes" Patridge.

K. Bell!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

They wrap Suri up and don't let her walk because they're afraid she'll head for the hills first chance she gets.

I'm furious they're letting Madonna go ahead with the adoption now that the facts about Mercy's family have come out.

Unknown said...

Megan Fox just gets skankier and skankier looking. Sigh. To think I used to have a girlcrush on her.

Pookie said...

it bugs me that beautiful Suri is always barefoot. no wonder she's always cold. i swear her parents tick me off. grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

jho's constipation pout is back!

aww man. mickey rourke's post-award coolness has already taken a turn to Douche-a-chussets. that didn't take long.

omg those carrots...that mouth...eww, ewwwwwww, ewwwwwwwww. my eyes, enty, MY EYES.

CDAN Mod said...

i bet you valentino thinks he's the best looking man in the room.

Majik said...

Wasn't there a recent blind about an actress no one would have guessed getting a boob job? Can't remember the whole thing...

selenakyle said...

Hahahaaaaa! Valentino. What a joke.

maggiemei said...

Blind Item reveals for The Rock and Rita Wilson. Thanks Enty!

If that is Mercy James, then why isn't Madonna the one holding her hand? Or even standing next to her? And who is that huge guy?

Anonymous said...

Gwyneth looks like she's giggling, saying, "Hee hee, look! I have boobs now."

Rita looks like she put on weight and working it the best she can.

Re: Glenn Close. The carrots thing is gross, but not as bad as I thought. I thought they were mini hot dogs. dogs....dinner time!

califblondy said...

The reason why Gwyneth looks "normal" is because she doesn't look like her real self.

Val buddy, you've got to spread the make-up down the neck to really blend it in.

Tom, do you need a hand?

I think the beer in the Mickey's pocket is hilarious. First, Brad Pitt with a liquor bottle and now Mick with a beer. I'm always the designated drink smuggler because of my huge purses. I'd be happy to help these fellas out.

Dwayne has been single for quite a while, hasn't he?

MISCH said...


Unknown said...

Tom Ford is supposed to be the bomb, but he wears the same thing all the time with the shirt left open to expose his furry chest -- it's very 70s and greasy-slime-ball.

califblondy said...

I've got a thing for 70's greasy-slime-ball guys even the Gay ones. ;)

notvotingforsuckno said...

Way to bond with the child you are about to take away from her country, her relatives, and her culture. I am sure she will have no problems adapting once she gets here.
Glad that you will feel better about yourself for doing this "good deed" amd maybe you can make another documentary about it. I hope you never sell another record or concert ticket, you selfish c-unit.

Sinjin said...



Anotheramy said...

Suri is wrapped in blankets because she doesn't like to wear coats. If they put her in one she has a temper tantrum and doesn't look good for the paps.
It seems like she wears one when the body guard carries her, probably because a temper tantrum has no effect on him and therefor a waste of time.

Sporky said...

I don't know which orange is scarier - the one on Valentino's skin or the ones in Glenn Close's mouth.

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna say I normally get all excited for Tom Ford, but he doesn't look good there. Must be the ugly sunglasses.

So Dwayne's the gay action star? WOOHOO! booking my flight now.

Honestly Glenn Close seems like she'd be a lot of fun, and after that stunt I'm sure she'll get a lot of dates.

Gwyneth looks like Sienna Miller there.

Janice looks like Megan Fox (compliment to neither).

mooshki said...

"The reason why Gwyneth looks "normal" is because she doesn't look like her real self."

LOL, that's true!

ardleighstreet said...

I think Valentino needs an orange intervention. An orangvention if you will.
Suri's parental units drive me nuts. They bundle themselves up but she has no shoes and no coat in sight. UGHH!

J-Mo said...

Majik: I remember a blind item about an actress being at an event and all anyone could focus on was her obvious boob job. Some insist that Gwyneth was augmented but if so, it actually looks really natural.

canadachick said...

j_mo i thought the blind was a pop star who had one already and had another and no one knew about the first? or maybe there's one about an actress too ??

Jerry said...

Meh. I know, it's Rosario Dawson, but she just looks meh.

Sez you, pal. Rosario Dawson's "meh" is everyone else's "wooo!"

Jungle007 said...

I agree with DNfromMN, I thought Janice was Megan Fox at first (and second) glance...

Valentino's orange face is heart-breaking. I hope i'm not out of line to say so (I'm mixed), but i think that if you're white, be white!! If you get a tan on the beach, cool. But why the craziness? Then again, most fair-skinned people can pull off a little fake tan with no problem, this is just tooooooooo far!!

The carrot-mouth thing Glenn is dong is probably the most disgusting image ever. That should go on

Rosario will always be my girlcrush. Hotttness!! I dont love her dress but she is hot.

Leah said...

Tom Ford... I think I prefer Paul Rudd in Vanity Fair. Actually, I know I prefer Paul Rudd. Always.

Does Valentino know he's a joke?
Do you think his minions sing Oompa Loompa songs behind his back?

Carla looks fantastic! She has one of the best faces around.

At first glance, I thought Gweneth was wearing socks with her shoes.

Jane, Kristin and Perrey- Great photo!

Jlo looks so different, and completely ridiculous.

Megan Fox now looks like a stripper (NOT an exotic dancer) but an "experienced" stripper.

Shane West- Ew. He had slight potential ten years ago, but he's aged so quickly and looks like he's lived a really hard life.

mikey said...

Please, please - no more Suri and Kate. Pisses me off for the whole day. Don't get me started....

shakey said...

Jungle007 made a Freudian slip. hee hee hee!

Avril does AA now, supposedly. Or Greasy Bear. Carla Gugino is the best picture. Love her dress, love her shoes on her feet. I'm surprised there are still press runs on Race to Witch Mountain, unless they're for foreign press. Love that picture of Glenn Close. Hilarious.

wtf is up with the puffy shoulders on Goopy? I too thought she was wearing socks with the gladiator shoes. When will they go out of style? Sick of seeing them, and they don't seem to go with what Goop's wearing.

One nice thing to say about Janice Dickinson - her shoes match the hem of her dress perfectly. We can still see the JLo squint. Bangs aren't long enough. Katie looks like she's being audited again. Looks like shit.

Back in 1988 I had a winter coat the exact same colour as Kate Moss's dress. That colour was so in then. Mickey Rourke would get along with my Dad and uncles. Rita Wilson's armpit looks a little strange to me.

MnGddess said...

Valentino looks as if he was put in the oven too long and was "overdone". Ewww.

The Rock (sigh).

Don't care what you say, Enty - I wish I had JLo's hair.

I agree. Gwyneth does look less pompous in that photo.


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