Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Speaking Of Estella Warren - Blind Items

These would have been very hard without the Estella Warren part of the equation. It is amazing what someone will tell you about themselves in a two hour conversation one night.

#1 - Had an affair with this A list movie actor. Was said to have been the reason his marriage ended.

#2 - Complained about having sex with this B- list movie actor with a bigger name than his resume should really give him, because she says to everyone that he always wanted to talk about it before and after and analyze the whole event.

#3 - Called this fellow countryman and celebrity, her 30 second guy, and that was actually his record. Most of the time he could not even get to where he was going without finishing if you know what I mean.


Ida Blankenship said...

1. Christopher Walken? Probably not. I don't know. No idea.

2. Sounds like Franco to me, personally.

3. Tom Green!!!

Cecilia00 said...

Did some imdb.com research

#1 Is Alec Baldwin A-List? They worked together on "The Cooler", released in 2003 - Baldwin & Basinger were divorced in fall 2002. I assume while it was filming or just finished)

#2 - Ashton Kutcher? (She guested on That 70's Show)

#3 No idea. Maybe a hockey star?

Anonymous poster said...

Just trying to imagine Enty having a two hour conversation without food being involved some how!

B626 said...

Bruce Willis #1

RocketQueen said...

1. No idea...should be easy??

2. Kutcher? (A list overall, but only B- actor)

3. Hmm, well she's Canadian, right? So the third one must be a Canadian, too...I'll go with Ryan Reynolds because Ryan Gosling is PERFECT.

JasonBlueEyes said...

1. Harrison Ford (Just to be different.)

2. Sean William Scott

3. Jerry O'Connell is Canadian. I'll go with him.

Mooshki said...

Anonymous, I'm sure food was involved during the conversation. :)

Henriette said...

Jerry O'Connell is not Canadian. He is born in New York City.

feraltart said...

Since I have a crush on Alec Baldwin, I am going to go to my happy place and pretend like Cecilia did not make an excellent guess.

FluffyElmo said...

#3 would be J.D. Fortune the frontman of INXS who won the reality show. They're both Canadian and were romantically linked.

pomme said...

no f**king idea whereas it must be easy she didn't worked in many movies

dancersmom said...

This was widely believed to be Ethan Hawke while he was married to Uma!!!

pomme said...

1:Bruce Willis ? i found this http://www.poptower.com/estella-warren-dating.htm apparently they dated in 2000
2: Josh Harnett? they're together in 2001
3: INXS ‘s new singer JD Fortune? he’s canadian and she was in one of their videos

pomme said...

and Bruce Willis divorced in 2000 so i like my guess(Willis) for the A list actor

pomme said...

3: JD Fortune because http://rockdirt.com/rock-star-inxs-win-helps-jd-fortune-score-with-estella-warren/16375/

Jamie's Girl said...

Have no earthly idea. Very few true A List actors.


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