Friday, May 27, 2011

Courtney Love Being Sued Again

Just a few days after telling the world Kurt Cobain had a huge peen, Courtney Love is being sued again for defamation. She recently settled a suit after she blasted a fashion designer on Twitter. Now, she is being sued by attorneys who used to represent her. A couple of years ago Courtney hired a firm to try and recover money she says was stolen from Kurt's estate. While they represented her, the attorneys told her she needed to stop doing drugs while they were representing her. Courtney of course fired them. She then told everyone that the firm stopped representing her because they had been bought off. She kept saying this repeatedly. Two years later and the firm decides to sue. That is waiting a very long time. If you were really hurt, then why did you wait? Everyone knows Courtney says crazy crap.


RocketQueen said...

Maybe because she has some money now?

Basil said...

It's possible they wanted to wait until they had an airtight case??? Don't know much about law.


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