Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Estella Warren Makes A Name For Herself All Over Again

Warning to all future actresses and those who think they are on top right now. Back in the day, not so very long ago, someone got the bright idea to remake Planet Of The Apes. A great movie which did not need to be remade. To make matters worse, I think they cast Mark Wahlberg in it. The female lead in this huge summer popcorn movie was Estella Warren. That year she was in everything and on every cover. Now? Not so much. She fell so far so fast.

Well, she probably figured she needed to do something dramatic to get people to notice her again and wow did she succeed. I mean amazingly so. Estella was arrested last night after she drove into three parked cars and decided to keep on driving. Somehow, police actually happened to be there and saw the whole thing and pulled her over when she decided to flee. When she got out of her car, she decided to kick a policeman. She was arrested for DUI and assault and hit and run. Sounds like enough doesn't it? Nope. That will get you on TMZ, but if you want to make the late night talk shows you have to add a whole additional element.

While being booked in the police station, she managed to get out of her handcuffs and made a run for it out of the police station. She actually got out of the police station before being recaptured. For being drunk, this is one creative person. You know I dislike DUI arrests. All those cars she hit could have had people in them, or they could have been people, so I hope they throw the book at her for that. The escaping from handcuffs thing though is kind of cool. Lindsay would have just cried in a corner and blamed everyone but herself.


Aly said...

Enty or Whoever. Thanks. Much.
I really needed the laugh today. After falling down and bruising two ribs, chipping a tooth while biting through my lip and dislocating a jaw. And an added cold with cough(not great for the ribs) this was so funny. All I can think of is this as an episode fron the Andy Griffith Show with Andy Taylor, Barney Fife and Opie as dispassionate observers as Otis keeps cheering on Estella.


Cecilia00 said...

Aly - Yikes! Get well soon. All best.

Murphy Brown 2020 said...

She'll always be April Troost to me.

Derek X said...

Why stop at a DUI when you can get a hit & run, assaulting a police officer, evading arrest and attempting to flee a police station?

If you gonna screw up, might as well screw up big...

Let's start a wager.

I say she does no jail time whatsoever.

Meg said...

@Aly - Get better soon! :( Sounds awful!

haha, I saw POTA IN THE THEATER! Was a huge fan of the originals. I don't even remember Estella...?

Was she channeling Lisabeth Salamander?

ardleighstreet said...

She fought the law...& the law won.

I say she gets timed served, community service & alch.awareness classes.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

@Aly - Hope you feel better soon. You sound like you're in worse shape then someone who spent the night hanging out with Snooki and the rest of the Jersey skanks. ;)

I was wondering not long ago what happened to Estella. 11 years ago she was on every magazine cover. I'm amazed she slid out of those cuffs too, but models do have skinny wrists. Try putting a set of those on that Victoria's Secret Candice Swandive chick. They'll just slide right off.

I remember her from POTA. She was - um - well - let's just say acting-wise, she makes Megan Fox look like Annette Bening.

@MCH. I got your email. Thanks for getting back to me. I'll go over it all and get back to you soon. ;) Ha-Ha. Everybody here on CDAN will wonder what we're up to.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

She does look like Rosie-huntington-whitely, doesn't she?

Himmmm said...

Imagine this:
You get back from Cannes with a Jet Lagover the size of Idaho. You finally get to sleep. Phone rings.
Your ex gf has tried to pull a Bonnie and Clyde at a Hwood cop station. The best man at your wedding (aka your lawyer) is BEGGING you to get this insane bitch outta there...FAST.

You drag your dead ass out in the middle of the night to meet him (and her) and post bond. When you arrive, you realize how serious this shit is. NOT COOL.

You give them copies of your tax records and a deed. You sign the papers and give the lawyer permiss to carry on.
Four hours later SHE calls.
You wonder if she still has that video tape from 1999. (Hangs head in shame). You finally go to bed.
Wake up and see the whole incident plastered all over the globe.
Get sick to stomach.
You wonder why you didn't just become a farmer instead.
Your email/twit/FB all blow up with pals laughing about it.
You reserve a room in another country to spend the next year.

You question all your relationships.
You pray silently that this nutty chick keeps her effin mouth shut for five minutes.
Try to sleep again.
Kinda chuckle when you recall that night she did that thing with her legs in the swimming pool.
Then you cringe when you realize more people know about you two than you care to admit. Think again about videotape. Get sick.
Go to sleep hoping it was a bad dream.

Gee, I'm glad to be back home.

feraltart said...

HImmmm, welcome back. Children, this is why videoing is a bad idea.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

@Himmmm - that's the kind of post I'd expect to read on a Chuck Lorre vanity card.

RocketQueen said...

lol Himmmm. How was she?

lollydarling said...

She'll always be April Troost to me too, Ida!

Jason Blue Eyes said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jason Blue Eyes said...

@Rocket - If she had as much energy then as she did last night - I'd guess she was incredible.

The Black Cat said...

Himmmm what's a little sex tape between 50,000 friends? :)

Himmmm said...

Not sure anyone will follow up a day later later - but wanted to say thanks, and laughing my ass off at your comments. SO true.
It's all good. I told the clerk and the court people my real name is TRIPP VINSON.

FYI: 'stella was the inspiration for the stripper mama chick in the first hangover movie. True story (minus the baby).

It's a crazy world - someone should sell tickets.
Check out this hilarious post by my NC pal Todd today:

elspeth said...

Himmmm -- Thanks! You took a great story and drove it way over the top!


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