Friday, May 27, 2011

Random Photos Part One

Two parts today.

Don't you think it would be interesting if Lady GaGa performed one night in a t-shirt and jeans?
"Hi. Welcome to my house arrest party. Booze is on the right, drugs on your left. To speed things up, please leave your valuables in the box in the middle of the room."
The Mile Cyrus world tour continues in Mexico City and she looks thrilled.
The famous Marilyn dress is supposed to fetch $2M at auction.
Michelle Rodriguez still on vacation in Cannes.
Bono tells Maria that he also has a love child with Arnold.
The best news of the day is that Paris wrecked one of her cars with another one of her cars.
Ryan Reynolds in Details magazine. He says he hurts over the breakup of his marriage.
Snooki, doing everything she can to set back Italian-American relations.
Teresa and Joe in Miami.


WednesdayFriday said...

How amazing would it be to slip on the Marilyn dress for a second or two?

RocketQueen said...

Lindsay looks drunk already.

Oh Paris. I'd feel bad about your car, but it's you, so I'm not-so-secretly glad.

Jason Blue Eyes said...

Jesus Christ, Snooki. You're supposed to wash your leg and pubic hair down the drain after shaving, not keep it to use as shoes.

Michelle is turning into Rachel Bilson. ALWAYS ON VACATION.

At this point I'm surprised Lindsay's face doesn't melt off like those Nazi's faces did at the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark. She doesn't even know there's a person there. She just sees CAMERA, CAMERA, CAMERA.

Rickatoo said...

what in god's name goes thru snooki's mind when she dresses?

FrenchGirl said...

Ryan Reynolds's Esquire interview is HUGE:basically he says he didn't care about his break-up with ScarJo

RocketQueen said...

@pomme - I read the whole thing and it doesn't sound like he said that at all to me! He said it was incredibly painful but that it gets better every day. Also, he's grateful they were both so mature about it.

Majik said...

I do not care how much of a douche everyone thinks RR is...he is one of the hottest things I have ever seen.

PotPourri said...

Love Michelle Rodriguez looking cool and casual, as she does really well.

Bono probably did Maria, and he's probably reminding her of that.

Jasmine said...

LOL about Gaga and Miley, Enty :)))

And am I the only one who thinks it's practically sacreligious to let someone buy the most famous dress evah???? Some things should always be kept for public consumption.

Oh, and every time I see Snooki (I cant with that name I swear) I think about that killer South Park episode where everyone kept saying 'Its a Jersey thang' and they had that Snooki beast on who kept humping things and growling the word smush smush. BEST.EP.EVER.

Kelly said...

Please tell me Teresa is not with child. The world says stop.

ardleighstreet said...

Snooki should not wear those shoes. They make her look like a Hobbit. (My sincerest apologies to the Hobbits.)

fairylights said...

Rickatoo, I don't think she thinks anything when she gets dressed, I think she just grabs off the top of the pile and goes.

B626 said...

Saw Miley as the hot chick in some music video but it did not work. She looked bloated and tired.

pwner said...


Coke bloat! :D

The Black Cat said...

Snooki disgusts me.

Rose said...

I doubt it Kelly, or more like I hope not. I think it's likely after 4 kids she won't ever have a flat-flat stomach again. We know she can't afford a tummy tuck.

Meg said...

@Jasmine - that ep was the best & I dont even watch South Park regularly (although I have watched the Facebook episode numerous times).

The Clydesdale horse fur boots is not a good look on anyone esp. not a shorty like Snooks.

I feel like the Marilyn dress should be in a museum...

At some point in a girl's life a pink car with pink rims should be considered ridiculous. Unless you are actually Barbie or Mary Kay.


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