Friday, March 09, 2012

Your Turn

I have done this one before, but it is one of my favorites. Tell me about your pets and I want to hear all of the pet names too. Pet names are so much more fun than people names.


The Flower Girl said...

MR. LEE he was a white malti-pooh. He was given to me by a psychic after she rescued him from the pound it was his last day before putting him down!
I took him in and he was my best friend for 5 years. He passed 2 years ago and now he is my Animal Totem in heaven!

rajackson0 said...

I have 2 dogs currently.
1) Skyy (yes, like the vodka)- turning 4 next month. Getting grumpy in her old(er) age. Still loves going on car rides and walks. Enjoys biscuits (a little too much). Tries to bully other dogs (no matter what the size). Puked on my bed this morning (tmi?)
2) Sadie - 9 months old. Loves cuddling and hitting her sister. Definitely still has puppy energy. Afraid of almost everything that she isn't familiar with. Sadiebug is a huge goofball and also a furball (the name that the rescue gave her prior to adoption)

MontanaMarriott said...

I have an imperial Shih Tzu who's AKC name is Marriott Dynasty's Empress Samara, but I call her Sammi for short.

addicted to blinds said...

I have two wonderful fur babies, a 9 year old pug named Tugnutt (not because of any special tricks, he's named after the goalie - Ron Tugnutt) and a 4 year old cat named Lunchbox (he came with the name, pretty sure a 4 year old got to name him). As usual, they both have about a billion other names. Dr. T and the Box, Senor Snugs and Mew Mew. It goes on and on. I think any combo of their names sounds like an awesome seventies cop show and I picture them in an old charger chasing bad guys on the streets of San Francisco. I need to find someone to make that mental picture happen.

SchmaddaKid said...

Awesome. I have two cats, but named after my fav musicians.

Skerik the Kitty is a complete weirdo, and Big Sam(antha) is the sweetest lap cat in the world.

Both rescues.

JM said...

I have a puppy named Hudson (after the area we live in) who is a medium sized Goldendoodle. People have told me he looks like a stuffed animal, a Muppet, Alf, a teddy bear, a polar bear and the dog from the movie UP. He is too cute for words.

Heidi said...

I have a rescued black cat named Ozzie, the Prince of Cuteness.

Vicki Cupper said...

My sweet kitty, Princess Babydoll Fluffypants is living with my mother right now. I picked her up when I was living in Korea and I absolutely couldn't leave her there. It cost a fortune to bring her back to the States but it was worth it.

Robert said...

1 dog, Emma, and 2 cats, Joey and Melville. Emma and Joey kept the names they had when we adopted them from the Humane Society. Melville got his because he's as big as a whale..

joymama said...

I have three rescue/adopted pets.

Elvis the blue budgie was found outside and passed through a couple of owners before he found his home with us. Love his singing.

Bootstrap is a cat we took in from a family who was moving in with family members after a job loss. He is a big guy who demands tuna each morning, likes only crappy cat food (we mix a little in with quality food) and a very manly kind of cat.

The Dude is a dog we took in last May. He was kicked out of training class for barking and called 'emotionaly disturned and viscious by the trainer--biotch did not give a refund either!). He's a wonderful dog who had trust issues and loves to be trained. He's sweet and gentle and is well known at the dog park for how fast he runs and jumps.

Thanks for asking, Enty!

Leslie said...

We had a cat named Studley. He was my first cat. I loved him. I've also had cats named Pookie, Daphne, Cody, Eli, Kaia and currently, Quincey.

BigMama said...

I had a bunny named Happy. Black and white dwarf lopear. He was hilarious. Sadly he passed away. Currently don't have a pet. My toddlers and eldest + husband keep me busy. When the little girls get bigger I hope to talk my husband into a small dog. ;) Still miss Happy though.

NYE said...

6 rescue dogs:
Sady-13 chow/collie mutt
Bila-11-bull terrier/pit bull
Nina-10-retriever/shar pei
Snoopy-10-bichon frise
Doc-9-pit bull and my sweetest guy
Jack-9-pitbull/lab/german shepard

my babies but way too many for a medium size house! seems like we are the drop off when people need a home for a dog! cant wait till i can afford a farm and have space/more! plus every other type of animal under the sun-except reptiles, insects or amphibians! lol

dok.satan said...

i'm totally a cat person. there were wuppi and wuzl, two brothers we got from the shelter who had a good life and passed 2 years ago both age 17. they were black and white and wuzl had a little mustache which earned him the nickname "adi". :)
and now there is riku, a 12 year old half-bengal we found in the dump when he was about 3 weeks old. right now we're looking into adopting another kitten to give him company. the little one will definitely also be from a shelter. cheers from vienna, austria!

rdkizziah said...

I had two precious miniature dachschunds who passes away last year at the age of 14 (Boomer Rang and Cocoa Puff). I now have 3 miniature dachschunds (Humphrey Bogart, Greta Garbo, and Shaggy Dog) and a schnauzer (Isabel Faye-nicknamed Izzie).

parissucksliterally said...

I have a 15 year old Jack Russell Terrier who still plays like she is 5. She is the love of my life.
I am not giving her name though, in case anyone I know is reading this. It would give away my PSL identity. :)

Sadie said...

I adopted George on Halloween last year from our local Humane Society. I went in to get a cat...but none really charmed me. As I left the last room, he popped up into the window and tried like heck to get my attention. IT WORKED!

Jill said...

We have 4 rescue cats: Clary, a big, gorgeous tuxedo cat around 6-7 yrs old, Princess & Luci, 12 yr old companions we adopted when they were 9. Princess is a blonde diva and Luci is a tiny tortie who rules the place. Then we got Annie, who we think is about 5. Her fur feels just like the down of a chick. They all love people madly.

emme said...

I have two shelties, Phoebe and Bailey. They never shut up, never allow me to shower or pee alone, and firmly believe the day begins at 5 a.m., even on weekends.

I also have two cats, Beasil and Arthur.

During my divorce, my dogs kept me alive. They gave me a reason to get up in the morning on days I didn't want to move, made me laugh and smile on days when I all I wanted to do was cry, and they gave me unconditonal love, no matter how big of a mess I was.

As for the cats, they really didn't care as long as they got fed, but, hey, that's a cat for you.

Redd said...

Best dog ever, Tate, a terri-poo who wandered in out of a snow storm, and all we had to feed her at the moment was taters!
Now we have, Lou Belle, Mini Belle (Lou's daughter, Loretta and Bubba!

lzahart said...

We have a rescue English bulldog, Pearl, who just turned three but thinks she is a puppy/human. She is amazing and we love her but are still grieving the loss of our beloved first rescue bullie, Neko, who passed away very suddenly last year from a heart tumor.

Props to all the CDANers who rescue animals, and thx for asking about my babies past and present ENTY.

kpet said...

My two dogs are Curtis Loew and Eleanor Rigby. Obviously named after favorite song characters.

Curt, sometimes called Burgers because that is how the toddler neighbor kid said Curtis, is a 5yr old Transylvanian Hound. Eleanor, who is affectionately called Ellie, is a 3yr old Rottie.

They are both the best! Although Curtis is more frequently the best and Eleanor is more frequently in trouble.

DixieTheNoble82 said...

I want to see faces to all these great names!!

All the pets I've ever had, names:
-Brandy (dog)
-Raisin (dog)
-Precious (dog)
-Buttercup (bird))
-Bo (dog)
-Punkin' (dog)
-Jiggity Jankx AKA Mr. Janx or Jiggity (cat)
-Ginger (dog)
-Nala & Sam (lovebirds)
-Pricilla AKA Cilla (dog)
-Hades (cat)
-Olivia (cat)
-Nadia (cat)
-Clark W. Griswold AKA Clark (cat)
-Franka Zappa AKA Franka (cat)
-Pearl (cat)

These are all of them over the years. There were a few years there that the house was almost like a zoo. All rescue or adopted from the SPCA.

Merlin D. Bear said...

Currently, I'm allowed to support only cats. (Their rule, not mine).
There's Polgara, age 15, a DSH tabby and HRH Cleopatra Scarlett, the Queen of Denial, age 10, a frosted calico. (She's also known as Slutkitty, Shamu and 25lbs, she's earned those nicknames).
My B'sidhe (solid white DSH) passed last year at the age of 17 - she was the undisputed Lord God Queen Bitch of the F***ing Universe, and although they're all Daddies girls, she was ultra special, as she came into my life when an asshole driver took my Pyewacket from me.
And for a quick reminder, please spay and neuter your animals.

Audrey said...

Ginger is Henry's mom. Ginger (a cat) was by my fiance in an alley in Moline, IL. Turns out she was pregnant with TWO litters. We gave 5 kittens away to good homes and kept Henry. He is huge and stupid and beautiful. Ginger is smart as a tack and more like a dog than cat.

Cali Girl said...

1. Trevor - A10, beagle, totally a piglet. More like a cat, a bit aloof. Snores. Love him.
2. Maisie - A4, beagle, my skinny-minnie. Wags her tail in her sleep. Happy dog. Love her.

Funny story - was told by pet store guy that I had really inappropriate names for the dogs - Trevor is apparently a better name for a turtle and apparently Maisie is a name for a mouse!

NotAMeanGirl said...

I have one sweet doggie. She's 7 but still a puppy at heart. She's a mini long haired dachshund. Spoiled rotten and loving as all get out. Her name is Macie. She was named by my, at the time, 4 year old son. He named her after the girl he swore he was gonna marry. LOL We call her MeiMei though. Cause she's TOTALLY his lil sister! (And who doesn't love a Firefly reference? lol)

Unknown said...

We have a pug with ADHD named Gomez, who loves to torment our equally spazzy cat Roger.

MelissaLynn said...

I have a new Beaglier puppy (1/ 2 Beagle & 1/2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel) who will be 4 months on March 14th. She just started teething and is quite a handful right now but she is just so darn cute!!! My husband and I are both really into wine and wanted to name her something wine related, but not something cheesy or obvious like Pinot or Merlot, etc. After much consideration we settled on AVA (pronounced AY-vah – like the actress). AVA also happens to be the initials for an American Viticultural Area, which relates to wine growing regions in the United States.

MISCH said...

All my pets have been adopted, my current baby girl not mentioning her 7 1/2 I've had her since she's 10 weeks old, smart as can be and she never barks in the apartment...she is perfect.

dj said...

cats - Annie Hall (10yr), Arthur Radley (7yr) Augustus Gloop (5yr), or commonly, Annie, Arf and Gus
dog - Judah Bear Jenkins (3yr) , commonly Jude

Henriette said...

These are all cats:

Theodore (Teddy)aka Fatboy=almost 15 year old Siamese/Tabby long hair
Victoria=almost 13 year old Scottish fold
Pepé le Pu=my mother's cat, but she lives with us, he is almost 8 years old
Zoro=almost 2 year old Siamese/Himmy mix blue point
Leo (the second)=almost 2 year old Siamese/Himmy mix flame point and brother to Zorro
Angel=will be 1 year on April 1, a long haired black and white kitten

I also know all my cats birthdays.

Del Riser said...

Our English mastiff, given name White River's Casio, called Cazzie, she was a rescue of sorts she had a blemish and was going to be culled.
A Chow mix rescued dog, boringly named Ginger.
A rescued Rhodesian Ridgeback mix (who is my avatar), named Brutus, but more often called, Bud, Buddy, Bubba, Boo, Bubby, if it starts with a B and ends with food it's all good.
My screen name is a portion of my dad's favorite dogs name. His dog was a Blue Tick Hound, named
Don Frederico Del Riser. I think it's one of the best dog names ever.
The cat is a calico named Pekoe.

Syko said...

Currently one cat, Simon, a 5 year old Maine coon. Before I get the flack from having a purebred pet, let me tell you that all my life I thought the shelter was the only place you could get pets, and have adopted almost all my cats and dogs from the shelter. Then in 2003 I lost both my old lady cats...Sophie at 19 to hyperthyroidism and Janet at 17 to diabetes...and for some time I would not get another pet because it was so hard to lose them. Finally I decided I could handle another cat, and I wanted the fun of a kitten, and wanted just once in my life to have a special, purebred pet (I was 65 at the time). He is a pure pleasure. He's more "cat" than others I've had, preferring to be my companion rather than my lap cat, but he is always beside me, and is a lot of company now that I'm retired and living alone.

Land Manatee said...

I have a West Highland Terrier who is all white, black spits on his belly and has 6 toes on both hind legs. Named Yuki (Japenese for snow!).
*spots - could not erase word in comment box :(

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...

I have 2 siamese cats that have people names, but for a reason and not because I like to name my animals people names. (no offense to those that do)

They play fetch and everything.

laesmralda said...

2 cats
Gracie- A tabby with a crooked, bent-up tail. I got her the summer of 2002 and just recently got her back after 3 years of living overseas (she stayed with my sister). She is my first baby and only likes me.

Figli- a black cat that my daughter got for potty training. She named him, don't know where she got it from but it fits him. He is everything I never wanted but grew to love. Unfortunately, the two cats don't get along.

AKM said...

My Jackie is the kitty in my photo. She has one eye; "One-Eyed Jack," get it? That was the name she came with, and it started because her foster parents thought she was a boy ("Jack"). When she was found to be pregnant, she became Jackie. I always loved the name Jackie/Jacqueline anyway, so I thought it was perfect.

I'm a huge "Quantum Leap" fan, so someday I'd like to get two boy cats or dogs and name 'em Sam and Al.

Our family's dogs are Toby, Casey, and TJ. We like human names, obviously.

Redheat said...

2 Dogs

1) Iggy an adorable cockapoo, that is seriously the sweetest dog ever. Rescued from the shelter on Christmas

2) Sam an adorable mixture of some kind, thinking shitzu and something. Probably the cutest dog on the planet, but is a little stinker. Rescued from an animal hoarder (why he hides his food)

Could not imagine my life without either one of these guys. Waited several years to be able to have a dog.

Unknown said...

A wiener dog named Riblet (her original moniker was "Rabies" of all things, but go figure, a goth kid owned her), and a pom/terrier/somethin' somethin' named Bacon Bits (or "Bitty" for short)

Unknown said...

I have a Pembroke Welsh corgi named Hamish.

Sue Ellen Mishkey said...


I said that because my vet rolled her eyes at me when I told her the names. I thought, maybe, it wasn't something people did. I guess the vet is just crazy.

Ms Cool said...

We have a Siamese male cat named Mucha (moo kuh), named after the famed poster artist. Our female Maine Coon is Gaia (Guy uh) named after a Spartacus: Gods of the Arena character.

It has been almost two years since we lost our beloved Toulouse (too loose), another beautiful Maine Coon. My heart still feels broken. Gaia has filled some of the void. She is quirky and very sweet and much, much healthier than she was when we rescued her last year. Mucha has my heart in his paws, though.

SusanB said...

We inherited our cat Esther, a lilac Siamese, from my husband's ex wife. She was moving up north, flying up, gave the cat some kind of kitty valium, was petting her in her carryon, the cat went beserk, sinking her teeth into the ex's arm, someone sitting next to her (before she went through security at the airport) saw the blood, called 911, Fire Department, Fire Rescue, local PD, and someone from Homeland Security showed up. The airline refused to fly the cat so she called my husband in a panic, asking him to take the cat. We were in the process of moving into our new house the next week. When we moved, the cat freaked out again (she regarded us as strangers anyway) and had seizures. On Christmas eve we had to take her to the kitty emergency room. It was a hell of a two weeks, but we wouldn't trade her for the world. We've had her 6 years now and she's a loving sweetheart.

loubea said...

Kifford Louis is half Lab, half Dalmation. Lovely and sweet. Our son named her when he was 4. A mash up of Clifford and Kipper. Not sure how we ended up with the Louis. We call her Lou a lot.

Bea, (short for honeybee) is a great mix of things but looks like a boxer
. We sent off for a DNA test from SkyMall. Boxer, American Staffordshire, Newfoundland, and chihuahua!

RIP Phoebe aka Kittyhole. A beautiful gray stray.

Wino said...

I have a 14 years old Chigi (Corgi/Chihuahua mix) named Lucky "The Muscle" Von Licklestein & Associates and a 4 year old Chihuahua named Gigi LaRue, but I call her "Mrs. G" or "g" or "geej" or "the steej" or "moo moo" or "me-moo" or "finding me-moo". Oh goodness, I could go on and and on!

Ms Cool said...

@Syko - I don't think I could go long without a Siamese or Maine Coon in my life. I don't give you flack for having a purebred. I love the personalities unique to their breeds. We were lucky that both of our Maine Coons were rescues and we didn't get Mucha from a breeder, either but I would have considered it.

chopchop said...

I have a 6-year-old Bichon Frise named Josey, as in "The Outlaw Josey Wales" because, you know, fluffy white dogs are so badass.

I also have the most beautiful calico Maine Coon mix named Ireland. She's almost 12 and I love her dearly. She's the only cat I've ever met who likes to lick people. She can also pick up food in her paw and eat it like a squirrel. Cool party trick. She's bigger than the dog and kicks his unruly ass on the regular.

Janet296 said...

My pet is my cat Moe. I named him after my favorite episode of the Simpsons...Flaming Moes. Moe is a very cool cat who I adore! Whenever he is outside, he will sit under my bedroom window and meow till I open the door to let him inside. He has also left me dead animal carcasses as gifts on my back steps. I could live without the gifts.

firebugDVM said...

I am a vet so I have a LOT of animals and they are all rescues (which I am a huge supporter of in all my clients!)

2 dogs:
1) Wrigley: 9yo pitty-mix found in a parking lot my first year of vet school
2)Mia: 8yo lab mix adopted from humane society. Actually my first surgery case when I was in school-she was pregnant with mummified puppies and had a broken jaw and mange

6 cats:
1)Doozer: 17yo that came into school when I was in clinics; he was abandoned in the lobby by a little kid with a note attached to his carrier. He was 12 then so I adopted him thinking he would just be with us for a few months and 5 years later he's still kickin'
2) Fat Fred: 5 yo; found in parking lot at first hospital that I worked; he fit in my pocket then
3) Allie: 5yo; entire litter found during huge snow storm and brought into hospital. I fostered them all from the time they were a week old; adopted out the other 3 but I couldn't part with her
4)Mikey-Miller-Ricky-Tickle-Time: 5yo; feral kitty brought in for capture/neuter/release program but ended up adopting him. Yes, that's his *real* name but we call him Mikey
5)Moe-Moe: 4yo; rescued from an abuse situation where the man would throw her against walls
6) Ray: 5 yo; newest addition! Adopted him last week from a local humane society. He came with that name but we call him Ray-Ray or Raymond

Did I mention that we also have a 2-legged toddler running around? Total chaos! But still considering adopting another dog and maybe a rabbit

Thanks to everyone that supports pet adoption... Working through humane societies I see the most amazing dogs and cats euthanized daily b/c there aren't enough homes-- it is heartbreaking... "Don't Shop: Adopt." ;)

angie said...

Honey...Lab/schnauzer mix....she was being given away in a Walmart shopping cart outside the store...last one left. Adore her, but she is a stinker.

Sugar (already named)-Yorkie...a random person gave her to me when I was taking my dog to an off-leash park.

Honey & was meant to be.

Lisa said...

Two fish named Thomas and Tubwater, and two mice named Nellie and Pascal.

Brandy said...

Bailey Bear, aka Bail-Bo, the red-headed long-haired (male) chihuahua. Burtie Mae, aka Berticia Marie and/or Bertanga Marubu if she is stalking on the serenkitty, the former red-dotted rescue kitty. And finally, Trooper, aka troop-a-loop, the great pyrenees and German shepherd mix.

New Life and Attitude said...

Daschund (f) - Ginger (passed away years ago)
Cocker Spaniel (f) - Princess Chelsea Cheyenne (passed away 8 years ago)
Rottweiler/Shepherd (m - 145 lbs.) - Shaquille (we adopted him from the pound)
Boxer/Lab (m) - Mopar (ex-husband was a huge Dodge/Mopar fan) or Mo or Mosley Tosely, but most often Handsome and Baby Boy (he's a mama's boy) - rescued as a puppy
Black German Shepherd (f)- Peanut (her name was supposed to be Cheyenne after my cockerspaniel who had passed but she never answered to it after the ex started calling her Peanut). Or PITA (for pain in the ass), SweetP, or Baby Girl (rescued as a puppy)
Chichi/Papillion mix (f) - Tinkerbelle, or Tinky Winky, Wiggles, Stinkerbelle, and potty mouth (I tell her that she cusses like a sailor). (rescued from a an old highway out in nowhere

Black cat (m) - AC (short for Alley Cat because that is where he was found), or Lil' Bastard.
Tabby (f) - Zoey or ZoZo (passed away 2 years ago and was a rescue)
Orage cat (m) - Tigger (he was found as a baby on our doorstep. He was a wild child and would never stay home. He just went away after a while.

old ;ady said...

1. Tyson - Chow/Collie
2. Moose - Terrier/shitzu/?
3. Belle - Rottie
4. Keykey - short haired cat

I have had Dogs and Cats since I was a child and a Horse. For the last 20 yrs have only owned rescues.

Momster said...

Currently I have my cats Boo, Gidget, Cookie, and Pigpen (birth name is Sassafras but she loves to roll in the dirt. Then she dashes across the yard like a rabbit, leaving dust clouds in her wake).

My favorite pet was my beloved collie. His name was Leonardo da Collie on his papers, Leo for short.

Brenda Love said...

Crillie the dog!!!!

adegemini said...

Sarah (cat)
Squeeky (cat that couldn't meow)
Foo Foo the Destroyer(cat named after Fu Manchu. She drew blood from anyone that thought they could pet her..except me)
Roxie Loxie Cottontail (dog with a star on her ear and no tail)

MommaBear said...

Milo - 2 year old French Bulldog

The kids and I love him dearly, my husband does not. Every day for the first year my husband would come home from work, look at Milo, and say: Oh hello Asshole, are you still here?. And, wouldn't you know it, my hubby is Milo's hero. Go figure.

Sass71 said...

I have an Appaloosa named Cisco (my husband named him) and my Lab mix dog Tango (named after Dave Tango from Ghost Hunters)
Everyone asks me when I am getting a dog name Cash though. :)

Lu said...

I have a glorious lil mutt named Judy Grrrrland

Kimberly said...

Pets I have currently:

Mocha ( mocha-poka)- 11 year old Siamese, sweetest cat ever. No doubt. Most unhealthy cat ever. Asthma, COPD, Allergies, IBS, Pancritis...cost us over 600 at the vet so far this year.

Danika (Princess Grey Gray)-My angel. She was picked out especially for me by Angel Q-tip. She talks non spot, fetches balls, steals socks, forks and toys and keeps them in the innards of the bed, and is fiesty and wonderful. And Grey! And pyshic..mnay many stories on that.

Godiva Marie- Princess Grey-Grays sister. Dark chocolate brown. Sweet as an angel and dumb as a fence post. Very pretty and sweet cat. Gets in trouble all the time. Does dumb things. They were a buy one get one free shelter deal.

Randall ( fat ass) - Beige male cat. Reminds me in personality and attitude of Randall in the Kevin Smith Clerks movies. Loves my husband, watching football and wants to drink beer. Could care less about me

Winston ( winnie the poop) - Huskador. Yellow with green eyes. Very very sweet and smart beta dog. Wants to chew and eat anything thats not tied down in the backard though. Totally submissive to all the cats and very well behaved besides the chewing. Oh..climbs trees, has gotten on the roof and sleeps on the porch swing. Will not sleep on the ground outside. Afraid of the dark too..but we have a serious coyote/bobcat/rabid skunk problem, so he may be smart.

Past Pets:

Suki ( Princess blackpaw) - Female Tortie. The first pet I got living on my own. My sweet sweet kitty. Died of cancer that started in her mouth and was in her lungs and brain within 2 months. Last thought I got from her,holding her before I had her put down. " I'm ready to go, but I am really going to miss you so much."

Q-tip Annette (Q-let, Q)- Burmese girl. She was special. My angel cat. She slept under the covers with me every night. She loves to fetch balls, go round and round on the chair ( she would try to spin the chair in circles till she got dizzy), and a million other things. She loved me and only me. She got a horrible deal in life..restrictive cardiomyopathy and i pilled her every day for almost two years. The vet said she had three months..we made it 21. She finally got a blood clot that paralysied her from the neck down and i let her go. He last words to me.. no more pills, no more needles, please please no more..yes, I heard a female voice say that clear as a bell in the emergency vets office after they had been treating her. so I let her go. She comes by and visits sometime..her spirit does.

Spyarella said...

A subject most dear to my heart!

#1 - Demi, a collie mix,lived to be 18 y.o. :-)

#2 - Buddha, cinnamon chow chow. RIP

#3 - First kitty, Jazzy, black Persian. RIP

#4 - Charlie cat, a rescued stray. RIP

#5 - First Akita, Keogi, a.k.a. Kiki. Rescued from abusive owner. Lived to be almost 15 y.o. RIP

#6 - Remington, a.k.a. Remi, gunmetal gray domestic shorthair. RIP

#7 - Simo, Akita, awesome boy. Lived to be just shy of 14 y.o. RIP

#8 - Sake, deaf with no teeth, white longhair, abandoned kitten I found near death that someone left, of all places, in a dog park! RIP

Current pack:

#9 - Houdini, a.k.a Houdi, the escape artist, 6 y.o. Tuxedo kitty that adopted me by crawling into my truck's engine compartment.

#10 - Katashi, a.k.a. Kata, 6 y.o. Absolutely the most friendly and loveable Akita ever!

#11 - Shima,domestic shorthair cat. Adopted from military family that was moving. Told us she was fixed. Should have named her the Virgin Mary because she & Houdi had a litter of 4 kittens, 3 of which we kept.

#12 - Tatsu, Akita, just turned 2 y.o. Scared of his own shadow at first, but now starting to socialize a lot more. Loves, to vocalize with roo, roo, roos!

#13 - The "miraculous" kittens, Taji, Redsan & Miyagi. 2 y.o.

Totally plan on adding to the pack!

kberlypat said...

Two cats: Prrrgatory and Galore

Marisa said...

Matt. My fiance.

Ol Cranky said...

my remaining furbabies are rescues (just like all my furbabies):

Dyna is an AmStaff, boxer, pointer schipperke mix (did the DNA since we'd been told she was an Am Bulldog pointer mix) who was a Katrina rescue and loves movies with voodoo scenes

Hope is an American Foxhound

Treesap-Covered Lady, the Humanist said...
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Ol Cranky said...
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Elly said...

I have a jack Russel terrier mix looks just like a jack russel, but is bigger. I say he's a giant jack. His name is Eddy.
3 American short hair cats Loki, Knuckles, and Knives.

keks said...

Living with me I have 2 dogs:
1) Commander Pacheco, an amazing Boston Terrier. He is very sweet and anxious. We rescued him from a very terrible situation, he had his penis mutilated and had to go through surgery to remove the rest of it, which was starting to rot. He is happy now, very much so, very attached to my husband and me.

2) Cailín Malone, a very sweet and calm Amstaff. She also was rescued, we took her in from the streets, she was very skinny and had several injuries and scars from being beaten. She also is very happy, gained lots of weight and loves to sleep. She is surprisingly calm for a pit bull type dog.

Pacheco and Cailín get along great. She doesn't like other bitches though, specially if they are of some fluffy cutey cuddly breed.

At my parents (they live in a small farm) I have Billie Holiday, the boxer, which was given to me by a friend, very good natured baby. Molly Weasley, the mixed breed, which we happily picked up from the dog pound, she is terribly funny, a very good hunter. Dottie, also a stray mixed dog, so sweet and adorable, she loves to snuggle. Mel, the lab, a very gentle dog, doesn't like to get involved in Billie's and Molly's shenanigans. She was my ex-boyfriends, but since my parents property was much bigger than his house, we decided to take her in also. Then there is Jade, the 17 year old poodle, she is beautiful, very ladylike. Finally, there's Mel, the cat, I picked him up from a road when he was 5 weeks old. He is a lord.

Sis said...

Currently I have:

Romeo, a miniature poodle who I love to pieces!

Sunny, a maltese poodle mix I rescued, he actually brings back the toy for me/us to throw again!

Cookie, a St. Bernard Chow mix with a rescue story!

Tara, my black cat who thinks I'm his mom....really.

JoJo...another rescue cat, he is my son's cat and he knows it!

Newton...another rescue cat who is my other son's cat, he was dropped off and was up in a tree, skinny and still smelling of someones perfume!

And finally, Birdie, the obnoxious parakeet who still lives!!

I have had the pleasure of owning many animals and I would not trade my experiences for anything!!

Dana said...

I have a terrier mix named Oliver who as a lot more sass and attitude than a dog should.

bethany said...

I have a rescued Jack Russel/Lhasa Apso named Meredith Baxter Birney. He went by Baxter for the first 2 months until I decided Bernie fit his personality better. He has been Bernie or Little Bird for nearly 4 years yet my mother still calls him Baxter.

luvgossip said...

Metro - 7year old Boston Terrier. Smart as can be, loves games and puzzles.

Cosmo - 2 year old French Bulldog. Just cost me a fortune because he ate a tennis ball! He's fine now.

Love them both to death!

ladywish821 said...

i have two bearded dragons, my babys!! one is slightly bigger than the other, so i named them biggie and smalls. :)

Treesap-Covered Lady, the Humanist said...

4½ year-old terrier mix whose call name is Emma, but is often presented as 'The Muppet Show Proudly Presents Swamp Thing.' I found her in the middle of a road leading into the Great Dismal Swamp two years ago. She's my first terrier, and while I love her like whoa, I can't see myself getting another terrier; however, I do love how brave she is. I can ask anything of her and she'll do it as long as I'm there--we make an excellent agility team.

10 month black and white tux DSH named Asparagus 'Gus' Crockett. When I got Emma, I had a cat, whom she adored, and when he unexpectedly passed she became ill. Rather than lose another pet, I decided to go back to Tangier Island, where my first was adopted from. Little Gus was in terrible shape in terms of malnutrition and parasites--it took me over 5 months to get him healthy--but it was well worth it. I often refer to him as my Sour Patch cat--first he's sour (mischievous rather than mean) then he's sweet (really likes to cuddle.) Gus and Emma start each day playing with each other.

Anyway, a small picture of my babies:

Abby said...

Mickey - 17 year old black kitty who wakes me up in the middle of the night by standing in the bathtub and yelling if the sink isn't dripping for him. He's a handsome devil who sleeps about 23 hours a day.

Nori - 14 year old black kitty who I swear has sold her soul for eternal youth. She only sleeps about 20 hours a day and spends the remaining time following me around and whining to be picked up. She has pre-glaucoma in one eye, so she gets an eyedrop every day.

Lulu - my big, beautiful tabby/tortie mix was 14 when she passed away from pancreatic cancer in 2010. I cried for days.

Melchizidek (Melchi for short) is my canine "brother" (my mom's dog). He's a 2 year old bichon frise who loves to cuddle.

We are so fortunate to have so many pets who bring us so much joy!

GoGo said...

We have 4 dogs: Elmo (16yo St. Bern mix -- weighs more than I do!); Dewey (12yo Black Lab, mom to B&S); Beast and Spaghetti (5.5yo Black Labs, pups of Dewey).
We also have 4 cats: Black & White (a male b&w cat who adopted us after living in our garage for a few weeks; he's in the house now); Beard (12yo femme that I got as a kitten around the time we had Dewey as a pup -- Dewey used to literally drag Beard and her bro [long gone] around all the time); Gomez (a long-haired calico that "followed" my daughter home); and Princess (a full-blooded Siamese that I picked up the day I brought B&S to the vet to have them "tutored").
I LOVE ALL my friends (especialmente los perros) and could NOT e'en imagine my life without them. We live in the sticks of Washington and sadly, cats here disappear all the time. I used to think of our cats different from the way I thought of our dogs, but the four we have now have been with us for YEARS and I've actually gotten to the point where I would be beside myself if any of them didn't come home again.
When did I get so damn mushy?

Swaysway1 said...

Recon Savage McDoom

She's my 23 pound pitbill/jack terrier mix. Don't be fooled by the name, she's the sweetest dog ever.

And also, my husband named her.

sassyyankee said...

Three. All rescues

A rottweiller named Morgan, who is 13 and please don't remind me of that fact -- I just fall to pieces at the thought of her not by my side. She thinks she is a lapdog and anytime I am on the floor, she is sitting in my lap. LOVE that dog. I actually wanted to take a family photo with her wearing a t-shirt that says, "Mom loves me best." I thought the kids would get pissed.

A cat named Chomper. So named because the very first day he was home, he bit my toe. Sweet cat, though.

Another cat named Christmas. My then seven-year-old named her. She was completely black but with white paws and a white spot on her chest. My daughter said that reminded her of snow and so Christmas got her name. We waited seven years to finally be able to say, when she was around the corner from where we were all sitting, "Christmas is right around the corner." Sorry. We are a simple family.

Chelly said...

I have a three year old pug named Hamilton. He knows I don't like it when he walks on my bed, so when I catch him he lays on it and does an army crawl/drag instead.

My best friend has a Veiled Chameleon he named Chuck Norris, because the first time he touched him he stood on his back to legs and his two front ones made it look like he was going to karate chop him.

lifeiscrazy said...

Parakeets growing up: Penny & Nickel

As a grown-up: had a chocolate point Himalayan named Cappuccino but she went by Cappy most of the time; sadly she passed away a few years ago after 13 years of fluffiness.

Currently, a family of 5 (mom + 4 kittens) feral cats has decided our home is the place to be. We've been taking care of them for 1.5 years now; they've all been fixed, come inside the house and one of them has progressed enough to be a lap cat. Patches (mom), Pumpkin, Bootsie and then the two "weather twins" of Cloudy & Stormy. They cost a fortune in food because they've decided they have expensive taste in canned food, but they are part of the family now.

Therese said...

We had a cocker spaniel named Lola, and we had two parakeets named Samson and Deliliah.

We also had prarie dogs for pets. The last one was Rusty. Rusty became fat and very cranky in his old age, and eventually went walk-about. A local talk-show host found him, renamed him, and featured him on his show almost daily. Still cranky.

Texshan said...

I love reading about everyone's furbabies, and about how so many of them are rescues! Thanks for giving us the opportunty to brag, Enty!

I have two littermate cats I adopted from Citizens for Animal Protection when they were three months old. They are now 8. Darcy Bennett is a tuxedo cat, and her brother Rochester is all black. Totally lazy and not too bright, but I love them.

Last summer I adopted my beloved Stiglitz, a pekingese/pomeranian mix, from the county shelter to be a BFF for my chiweenie, Manderly. He's freakin' adorable. VERY sadly, Manderly (who was only three and a half) had a stroke right before Halloween and passed away. I was inconsolable. Stiggy was, too, and the cats won't play with him. I started looking around for a buddy for him and a month ago the county shelter put a gorgeous cream and white pomeranian up for adoption. So I drove my butt over there at the asscrack of dawn (two days after surgery) with Stiggy and swiped him before anyone else could get him. Both of the dogs are about two and a half, and they are hilarious.

Video of Stiggy can be seen here:

And of both of them here:

Texshan said...

Forgot to say -- the white pompom is named Beckett. He's a wierdo and growls in his sleep.

Carrie L. said...

We had a bunch of fish that we purchased for a photo shoot & gave them out to everyone afterwards. I got two redcaps & thought they would probably live for a week, so I named them Fish One & Fish Two. Poor F2 did die within a few months (he was always a weak little guy), but Fish One lived almost five years & was actually a very interactive & fun pet to have.

Mary Ann said...

Our current list:

2 dogs:
Boxer (who is a Border Collie mix not a Boxer -- my son named him because he had big feet, like boxing gloves)

Moses (a Chow-Akita mix - so named because we rescued him from a "river" -- a stream, but it's the thought that counts)

2 cats:
Spock (a Russian Blue-Siamese mix)

Poster (a formerly feral cat)

I've had many, many pets. I can't imagine life without them.

Jessie said...

I've had cats all my life: Bubble, Squeak, Ginger Meggs and Miss Kitty.

We currently have two cats, Prince Caspian and Rhys who have received a variety of nicknames.

We used to call Rhys "kitten" then briefly "kitchen" and mostly we call him "Mittens" (occasionally Mitler when he sleeps with one arm extended).

Prince Caspian became Ian in about half an hour. We also call him baby and my sister would call him Biany which turned into Beanie. So now we have Mittens and Beanie.

Beanie is 13 this year and runs around the house with a pink pipe cleaner in his mouth making his "look what I caught." sound.

awesome balla. said...

i have a goldfish named vincent.

moondancekat said...

I have an all black cat named Aslan - yes like in The Chronicles of Narnia. He is far from Christ-like though! lol!
We should have named him Diablo actually.

Unknown said...

I have three adorable dogs! Two Pekingese (the BEST in show this year), Shilo and Ruby-Lou. I also have a Japanese Chin/Shih Tzu mix named Phoebe.

I love them more than people. Seriously. :)

La Pachuquita said...

Chona Petronila Machetes: Rottweiler
She passed away in January 2012 a week shy of her 10th b-day. We adopted her when she was 8 and because the queen of the house and our heart. She was grouchy, bossy, and we miss her!

Vernie Noodles: Rottweiler/Lab
We adopted Vernie in November 2011, and his namesake is my sweetie's friend who would vomit and pee on himself when drunk, just like Vernie does when he gets carsick. He is also part noodle and walks swinging his hips like Beyonce.

ardleigh said...

I have to Beagles--

Eddie was named for the state trooper who found him abandoned in a ditch. He is ten and is still full of mischeif.

Little Miss Sunshine --Sunny for short and she chose my sister. She came up to my Sis at the Pet Rescue and sat ON my sisters feet.
I came to find out while Sunny was there she had overcome being hit by a car and almost killed. She was in a cast for months and when out of cast took care of her "bunk mate" a dog with epilepsy. My sister has epilepsy and Lupus. Sunny takes care of my sister when she has minor seisures now. Sunny will force my sister to sit in a chair with her and relax. It is funny how Sunny chose my sister and must have known she was ill.

Mutiny said...

When I was five my grandpa had a Boston Terrier named Buttons. That dog was so much fun. We decided to get a Boston Terrier, now we have three.

Scout, first Boston Terrier. He is five and a sneaky little guy. He has figured out how to open our doors. His front paws are almost like fingers, so we figure we are lucky that he doesn't have thumbs. He is also allergic to meat proteins, so he is a vegan dog.

Lola, she is four and a shiny coated brown and white. She is short and stocky and thinks she is much tougher than she really is.

Violet is our third Boston terrier, she is five months. She is black and white and totally adorable.

Two rescue cats

Frosting, a gray and white momma kitty. She mothers the dogs- who totally love her.

Sputnik, a white cat with gray spots, from a feral litter and after ten years he still gets spooked easily. He is also huge. He can look into our bath tub when he walks in the bathroom and he weighs about 30 pounds. He is three times the size of our other cat.

We lost our Corgi, Rocko, right before last Christmas.

Jack said...

Harley aka Hoover (11-12) minpin/ Chihuahua adopted 5 years ago she's my fat girl. She was 35lbs when we got her she's now averaging 20 when she's not thieving food.

Mojo aka &#-%&##$&!!(2) papillion. he's still a crazy puppy so we have a lot of colorful names for him but he's my baby boyy.

StanleyRoper said...

@Enty-Thanks for this topic

I can't give my pet's name for "family-in-the-industry" reasons and they might know I've posted here before, but my dog was rescued by a lady in Silver Lake when someone called her to report a dog chained to a tree and malnourished. She was indeed left to die, chained to a tree with no food or water. Her natural weight is 55 lbs. but when found she was under 30 lbs. She is full of love and has been a constant friend and healing force in my life. My family and I are grateful for ALL rescuers, but this lady in particular. Now go and hug your animals.

pegd said...

Stitch - 7yr old pug, named after the Disney character

Maggie - 5yr old Bichon who I am renaming CatDog because she is more cat than dog

Majik said...


My kitties. :)

Spanksy said...

Nixon - grumpy dog with long droopy jowls. Love him!

Jewels said...

Currently two kitties. A brother and sister duo adopted from a friend who specifically works with rescues. She took their feral Main Coone momma home who was slotted for the gas chamber, not knowing she was pregnant.

Lugh was the runt, BIG Coone body, tiny pea head, thinks he's a dog, and follows my husband around (who of course would prefer a dog) like he's his shadow. The pea head's fur feels like pure silk, and he now dwarfs his sister by 1/3! He also sleeps with our daughter exclusively. Every night when she heads to h bedroom, he runs fatter her.

Keshi looks just like a Russian Blue. Smart as a whip and totally a Mama's girl, though she is formally our daughter's cat. Prettiest little thing with the biggest, most expressive eyes, who's short dense fur feels like plush. I've never been owned by such beautiful, well-tempered cats.

As a child, my parents raised & bred (very humanely I might add) Alaskan Malamutes. My favorite dogs of all time. My most fervent protectors.
The big male's name was Frodo, female was Misha, and we kept one female from them, Nootka.

I've had ferrets, geckos, mice, rats, birds of many species, cats galore, fish - my favorite being Beta or Fan Tail goldfish. But I think I'll stick to these two cats for a long while. :)

wenx said...

I inherited a love of animals from my parents, so I cannot imagine life without a pet. Between my folks and me, we've had lots over the years: three dogs during my childhood, plus I've had beta fish, tiny frogs, my parents raised three baby squirrels, and now the have 2 chihuahuas and so do I :). (when ai go home to visit it's awesome b/c there's always a miniature herd of all 4 looking for any available lap, following you through the house! And I can't forget my beloved first dog I ever had "on my own", as an adult. I found her on Petfinder and adopted her from a rescue organization. She was a three-legged blue-tick coonhound who must've had some kind of abuse in her past b/c she was almost neurotically skittish and never barked the entire seven years we were together. Having to put her to sleep when she got cancer was one of he hardest things I've ever had to do, and I still miss her every day.

(I thought about giving names, but b/c of teaching I've gotten someone reticent about putting identifying info on the "public"--I.e., unrestricted parts of the web. Although I have mentioned my pets in class occasionally, so I'm sure a really sharp sleuth could put it together if they were paying attention *lol*)

wenx said...

P.s. damn Autocorrect :)

Just Me said...

My current furbabies are Isabeau, a 16 years old calico (named after the Michelle Phillips character in LadyHawk), Sophie, a sweet, sweet calico who adopted us after her previous family deserted her in the middle of a blizzard, and Angelo, my one year old crazy long-haired brown tiger/tabby boy-kitty.

Previous furbabies were:
Oonagh (named after the pixie/faerie character in the movie Legend) , my pure white, part Maine Coon soul mate, who I lost last year at 16 to cancer.
Misha (named after Baryshnikov), a giant tuxedo barn cat who was afraid of his own shadow but was my special boy. A really lovely cat.
Charlie, a tortie cat with a stubby tail, who was my last ever outside cat because she was hit by a car. (All indoor or leashed when outside from then on!)
Tinkerbell, my first cat ever, who was a sweet grey tabby.
Stalin (don't ask - my brother named him) who was a boxer/ cock-a-poo mix.
Muffin, a mixed breed who looked like a small collie and who had bladder control issues when happy! lol!
And, last but not least, Elmer, who was rescued by my Dad as a small puppy he'd found in a puddle on the side of the road during a rainstorm. He was black and white and looked to have some pit bull in his heritage.

Dani said...

Wow! Some of you have more pets than I have human family members! Bravo!

My puppies are Annie Belle, a Boxer/Am. Bull mix & Gage, an American Bulldog. Both 3 y.o.They came from good homes where their owners just couldn't care for them. I have 2 kids & I love them with my whole heart, but my doggies are my babies. Lol.

Annie (profile pic) is also known as The Spazmanian Devil. 65 lbs, lean & super energetic & loves to go running with me. When she REALLY runs it is a thing of beauty. She's my best buddy. I love to grab her floppy jowls & give her kisses. She's is 100% Momma's dog.

Gage - aka Gagey Bear - is 110 lbs of slobbery beastly sweetness. He even has a heart shape in the markings on his nose. He is just a big baby. People are always terrified when they see him, because he is a very intimidating sight, but once he starts wagging his baseball bat of a tail & looks at them with that "aw shucks" face its all over & he's made another friend. If you ask him "can I ride you like a pony?" he will bark like crazy. He's very vocal & snores like an old man. They fight like brother & sister. One can't get love without the other one butting in, but they cuddle together every night.

I suck @ posting links but... YouTube "The Annie & Gage Show" if you're bored.

Jennmcn said...

We have 5 rescues. I had 6 up until February so I will include him too.

We have two dogs, 15 year old Skully, who is a mix of German Shorthair Pointer. She is my youngest son's, who is in the Marine Corps. She was diagnosed with cancer last year but is still doing well.

Soldier is a 7ish purebred Canaan Dog we got at the shelter. She belongs to my daughter who lives in Seattle.

Monkey is a 15 year old black cat. He was named after the Animaniacs song "Don't Know What To Say, The Monkey Won't Do". I worked for a WB affiliate at the time. He was such a troublemaker as a kitten He has Hyperthyroid disease, survived Fatty Liver disease and an attack by two dogs.

Zelly, is another 15 year old black cat but not related to Monkey. He prefers to be called Mr.Zellman and believes he was a producer in the old days of movies. OK, all the animals have made up back stories. We like to have fun with them.

Sebastian, also known as Vicomte de Valmont or Bitchy Kitty was an 11 year old gray tiger. He was such a cuddle buddy and my Iron Cat, never sick a day in his life but he died on Feb 5th. Not a mark on him, my husband thinks it was poison or a rattlesnake. I still get all weepy.

All three of those cats are around 20lbs...big boys.

Which leads to last but not least Gumercinda. She's 2 and very small with only 3 legs. My daughter brought her home from the Vet she worked for because the people who owned her couldn't afford surgery or to have her put down. My daughter paid for amputation and we couldn't say no to the kitten. We are all a soft touch. She's a crazy, little green eyed witch, who terrorizes the other animals. She's given me blood poisoning twice. I still love her and all of them.

I give kudos to everyone who takes a rescue animal into their home. Rescues truly make the best pets.

Caroline said...

One of my cat's names is 2%. He is white with black spots and when he adopted us, my husband said he looked like a dairy cow, hence 2%.

MizCaramel said...

I have a mini dachshund named Harley Davidson :) who will be 3 soon and he's totally spoiled rotten and worth it! I also have 2 kitties, a soon to be 12 year old maine coon (Caramel) who is the love of my life and a 4 year deaf girl kitty who is such a naughty kitty that we call her Vixen. She loves to play hockey and get into loads of trouble. Hubby asks me all the time when will she slow down, looks like in about 10 years from never. All our furbabies are spoiled and I love them with all my heart...

Dolly72 said...

My baby is a boston terrier named Pugsley:) She is my!
13 years old now tho...slowing down quite a bit but still sassy as hell!

Green Tara said...

My husband & I have 17 (not a typo) rescued cats (all indoors, & no, our house does not smell like cat pee, thank you). The one I'll highlight is Pandora, a 3-yr-old Siamese who has several birth defects which rendered her almost blind. She goes to work with me, where she is a therapy cat to preschoolers who have experienced trauma from domestic violence, homelessness, and abuse. We named her Pandora because a neighbor had found her in the street as a tiny kitten (she weighed 8 OUNCES), & knowing that we were crazy cat people, left her in a box at our doorstep. She has impacted & healed more children than you can imagine, & has no idea how loved she is. (She even has her own Facebook page!)

Our other cats: Joey, Blueberry, Buddy, Zen, Spade, Sarah, Sophia, Buster, Ozzie, Jasper, Rocky, Prescott, Scout, Emily, Petey, Miko.

Carol said...

Ooooh! I've been reading your site since the beginning and have never commented. But ask me about my pets, and I'm in!

I have 3 greyhounds (2 ex racers and a stray found in Merced a couple years ago):

Mork is my 12 and a half year old boy. He's almost blind, has corns on his toes, is missing 2 toes, and recently had a laryngeal tie back due to laryngeal paralysis. He can only "air bark" now...but he's as feisty as ever.

Macy May is our 8 yo female who had a very long racing career but is now a happily retired member of our family.

Greg is our mystery, scaredy cat. He's turned into an awesome dog, who loves me and my husband...he's afraid of pretty much everyone else in the world.

Mara and Matty were the originals (and how I met my husband)... We lost them 2 and 3 years ago.

Anyway, love pet posts and read this site daily.

Robin the Mad Photographer said...

I'll just talk about my current furbaby: my almost 16-year-old tortoiseshell cat, Jezebel. I adopted her at the Athens (GA) Area Humane Society a few weeks after losing my previous cat, Mojo, because I realized I really needed a furry little face around the house. My original plan was to adopt an older cat, but none of them really clicked, and it finally came down to 2 female 5-month-old half-grown kittens, one orange tabby and one tortie. I was just about to go w/the orange kitten when it was closing time, so they suggested I just come back in the morning and make my decision then. Come the next A.M., the orange kitten ran under the cages & wouldn't come out to see me, while the tortie just snuggled up in my arms, purred, and looked at me as if to say "You want ME, don't you?" Yep, she picked me out...She had been one of a litter of North Georgia barn cats, and was brought in w/2 of her sisters, so the staff named them Isadora (long-haired calico), Esmerelda (long-haired tortie), & Jezebel (medium-haired tortie w/a very dense plush coat). They warned me that torties tend to be extremely possessive (I believe the term they used was "permanently attached to your leg"), and said they had a hard time finding homes for them, because people thought they were ugly. WTF is wrong w/people in Georgia?!?

Jezebel was a sick little girl when I first got her; she had an upper respiratory infection, conjunctivitis, and one of the worst cases of ear mites my vet had ever seen--I swear, it took months to get rid of them all! For a skinny little half-grown kitten, she grew into a great big adult cat, 18 lbs. at her highest weight; we're pretty sure she's at least part Maine Coon because of her coat and her voice (for a long time, she wouldn't meow, but trilled musically); she also scoops up kibble in her paw, splashes around in her water bowl w/her left paw (which she was doing the 1st time I ever laid eyes on her), and persists in kicking her litter out the front door of her covered litter box; she's also been known to take a dump on the bathroom floor or in front of the front door if she's pissed off about something. (THIS is why I can't have nice things...) She gets called furball, fuzzybutt, butthead, puddinhead, booboo, a flea farm & a fur factory, Jezebelly (my best friend), the Big Brown Furry Mountain (also best friend), Marlon Brando Kitty (my friend Dante), and Mommy's baby girl. She's developed hyperthyroidism, and is now down to just over 10 lbs. from her high of 18, but she's still absolutely gorgeous, w/beautiful tortie coloring & big green eyes (so much for the "ugly" bit!). She also has arthritis, so she can't jump up on things anymore, and I have to pick her up & put her on my bed, which is her favorite spot. She's not a lap cat, but she does want to be right near me as much as possible, and now that she's a senior citizen, she's become very noisy and even more demanding of my attention, waking me up in the AM by yowling for her breakfast! She's a total pain in the ass sometimes, but she's my baby girl, and I love her so much that I worry more than I should about losing her when the time comes (which hopefully won't be for a number of years *fingers crossed*). (Yes, I'm a crazy old maid w/a cat, so just deal, OK?) Oh, one more thing: she has possibly the loudest purr in the world, and can damn near set off car alarms with that purr; she also snores, just like I do. (My mom: "That cat is just like you--she has all your facial expressions and everything!")

Now she's all curled up on her own bed, looking at me because she knows I'm talking about her...awwwwwwwwww!

Bally said...

I have a solid white 5-year-old cat I found abandoned on the side of the road.

I named him Bumble, because that's what Yukon Cornelius called the Abominable Snow Monster in 'Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer'.

He's totally deaf, so it really doesn't matter what I call him, I guess. Some of his nicknames are: Puss, Mr. Puss, Puss Puss, Roadkill (my mother calls him that, for some reason), and Puss Tom.

He's on a diet at the moment, because he's too fat to even wash himself properly, and that's not going over so well.

Sometimes, I wake up at night, and he's standing on the pillow, with his face about an inch from mine, staring at me. It's creepy. Funny as hell, but creepy nonetheless.

nunaurbiz said...

Athena is my Siamese cat (not the one in my profile pic but she looks similar). I adopted her from the Humane Society and renamed her (can't remember her other name) because she IS the goddess of wisdom and war!!! (And I have the scratches to prove it!)

Sherry said...

The funny thing about adopting rescue pets, sometimes you never really know how old they are.

I have four rescues. A dog my daughter named LuLu Belle, a gray tabby cat named Emmy (short for Emerald), a Tortie named Camille, and an orange cat named Cooper.

We also have a Ragdoll named Jackson. Jackson drove the girl cats crazy when he was a kitten, and that's why we got Cooper. He and Cooper are best friends forever and I can't even imagine one without the other.

Instripid said...

I have more cats than I care to list here (yes, crazy cat lady) In my defense, all but one came from my back yard, begging at my back door. You try rejecting those pathetic faces pressed against the glass day after day.

OK names, Figaro (Figgy or Fig) showed up one Halloween night, roaming amongst the Trick or Treaters, He has deep orange eyes so he is my pumpkin cat, Clarabelle (she looks like a holstein cow), Chopper (he had to have all of his teeth or "choppers" removed) he begged at my door for 2 weeks, Bones was skin and bones when I found her, Yeti is an abominable furcat, really. Leota, a short haired Birman mix, Floozie the tortie, Cricket, who looks black, but is really a little dark espresso bean. My lovies. Don't judge me.

Debbie Minerva said...

I have three cats: 1) Delilah, 2) Macy, and 3) Tigger

Tigger is the newest addition and the only boy. He's having a time get the girls to accept him.

Kimberly said...

how do I embed a pet picture

Beth said...

Candy (AKA Candice) -- This was her name when we got her. She's a black-and-white shih tzu, who wears her hair in little ponytail. Like many shih tzus, she's got a giant ego and a deluded sense of self.

We got her off Craigslist when she was 3. Her old owners couldn't keep her anymore. We got her two days after our last shih tzu had to be put to sleep. (Oh, the devastation...) The house was too empty without a fluffy little diva to be the center of attention.

mrs work said...

One cat's name is Peety, so named because he is a short-haired manx who resembles the doggie from the Little Rascals. Our other cat is named Ollie because his facial markings resemble Oliver Hardy.

Ajahcat said...

Chinese Crested - "Sparrow"
Sphynx cat - "Smeagol"
Bearded Dragon - "Leo"
3 rats

Incidentally, both the cat and dog are rescues - you CAN get pure-bred animals from rescues! Don't breed or buy!

LaPerla said...

Betta Fish: Frederick (Fred) Kraut

hamster party said...

Yes! I love hearing about people's pets and their names <3

My kitties include:
Veggie & Fuzz, sibling barn kittens turned house-cats

McDougal, the most dog-like Maine Coon badass adopted from the Humane Society.

This is the first year I've lived without a hamster for over 15 years! McDougal is too curious about them :P

hamster party said...

And it is so uplifting to see how many people adopted their bbs :) I knew there was a reason why I loved this community!

your_vamp said...

I had the ugliest, scrawniest Boston Terrier in the world - he even had 1 blue eye and 1 brown - and his name was Baby Leroy Lopez, (Leroy for short. The Baby Leroy came from the kid actor who was in a couple of early WC Fields movies (the reason why he said never act with children or animals), and no idea why we gave him the last name of Lopez, because none of us had it.

I also have an old Norwich Terrier who looks like a crusty, cranky red haired Scotsman, and his name is Wotsitallabout Alfie?

saucyjane said...

Our fur babies are Rizza - a rottweiler-shepherd cross, mean-looking but the biggest chickenshit you'll ever meet. Also Joon-Boy, a miniature schnauzer. Both (sort-of) rescued, one from the pound, the other from a house full of cats. ;)

your_vamp said...

We also currently have a little 4 lb Japanese Chin Spaniel named Gadget, and a French Bulldog I imported from Russia called Stoli, short or Stolichnaya vodka ;)

doctressjulia said...

Destructo-Zynx the Mighty Mite, Gyoza, (cats) and Nitrogen (my rat). :3

telesma said...
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telesma said...

My feline crew: Captain Jack Sparrow the One-Eyed Wonder Cat, Puff teh Magic Kitteh, Stella Luna (aka Batgirl), and Jonesy Jones.

Jack is a character, he begs for lettuce, avocado, ice chips, and Video Catnip. Stella is the velcro princess, thief, and the only girl, Jonesy is the silly little orange monkey who knows where the treats are kept, and Puff is the big fat fraidy cat that's just sweet as cotton candy. If you've never seen a 26 lb cat trying to squeeze under the sofa he hid under as a kitten, you haven't lived. ;)

All rescues, I'm the crazy cat lady that feeds the feral colony behind the hospital and does catch/spay/release.

In the past there have been Jasmine, Pixel, Pyewacket, Jinx, Kira, Dax, Yoshi, Ripley, Goblin, Cinder, Turbo, Marbles, Dingus, Greta Garbo, Lin-Tai, Inky, Pinky, Blinky, Clyde, Tinkerbelle, Lulubelle, Silverbelle, Anabelle, Clarabelle, and Mirabelle. And so many more that were fosters that I could never name them all.

Kira, Dax, and Ripley were my Bengal Leopard Cats. Pixel was my sweet Abyssinian girl, Yoshi was a copper-eyed smoke persian that I adopted after he lost his tail to a shotgun, and the belles were a gorgeous Himalayan mother and 5 daughters that I fostered. The Ms.Pac-Man crew were Katrina rescues that we adopted out at about 4 months old. Clyde was orange, the others were black, all long hairs.

Kid Sis said...

My fur babies keep me going with their snuggling and smiles! My sister and I share her dog Stat, a ten year old black labrador who is the best spooner EVER. But all that love comes at a price...she walks through a room and it's like PigPen in the old Charlie Brown cartoons...just a POOF of hair everywhere (that looks like pube hair and has lead to some Three's Company-esque misunderstandings).

Then we have lil Hero, a black Pomeranian who was my Mom's dog. Hero is an awesome mix of optimism, enthusiasm, and love TOTALLY belied by his constant fears that Stat might take his food, and my sister and I might accidentally step or sit on him. And he shits and pisses EVERYWHERE. Soooo much. But he has a little fanbase that loves him and we put him in our movies. Quite the character.

Sigh. I love them both so much. I can't wait until we move back to a house because we're talking about getting a cat...

SLH950 said...

Kitty Moncreif ... beautiful little grey and white cat, she used to curl herself around my head at night when i was little.

Bitten by neighbour's dog and didn't survive. hated dogs for ages after that (not now tho)

ooopsitsme said...

I had a beautiful white & orange cat with a slightly puggish face. I named him Ginseng, like the herb, I read somewhere that it aided long life and was hoping it would magically aid his. All the Ginseng in the world could help him from a car. We also had a magpie named " Maggie Gobbles" who now resides full time at the animal sanctuary and currently have 2 of the biggest budgies I've ever seen. There names are Bluey & Whitie. Yes my daughter named them. We also have a little wild caramel budgie who was rescued by a friend from butcher birds. We call her baby coz she's cute, small and can take your finger off if she sets her mind to it.

Just a small add on coz you seem to love animals & I think you would like this... when I first got Baby (the rescued wild one) I first put her in quarantine with a huge shallow dish of seed and chopped up treats. I didn't expect her to eat coz of all the trauma. She looked at me then the food, then me, then the food again and jumped in it and rolled around. I could not stop laughing and was truly amazed by this brave little bird.

ooopsitsme said...

Sorry ... typo, All the Ginseng in the world couldn't help him from a car.

Lelaina Pierce said...

I have 2 dogs and 1 cat. Sullivan (named for Sullivan's Island, SC), Saluda (also named from a town with the same name where she was rescued from) & Mason, who was supposed to be Macy & was until I got him fixed & found out she was a he.