Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Phil Collins Cancels Shows

Phil Collins has postponed two London concerts after the singer suffered a fall in his hotel room.

A statement on his Facebook page revealed the singer is having difficulty walking after he underwent surgery on his back.

"He rose in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and slipped in his hotel room, hitting his head in the fall on a chair," the statement read.

He was then taken to the hospital where he received stitches for the "severe gash on his head close to his eye."

The statement added he is "recovering well" but will be kept under observation for 24 hours.

He sent his "sincere apologies and thanks to fans."

"He has had a fantastic week at his first shows in 10 years, cannot thank people enough for their warm reaction and is excited to return," the statement read.

His tour will continue on Sunday in Cologne and Paris before he returns to London to perform at BST Hyde Park on June 30.

The canceled dates have been rescheduled for the end of November.


Guest said...


Kate said...

In my 20's I had a whole soapbox about how he was so completely under-appreciated.

sd auntie said...

He looks pretty frail. Kind of young for serious health problems. Hearing loss as well. He is rich and should seek out top notch physicans in US.

Barbara RiceHand said...


Do Tell said...

No. He "suffers from a gait abnormality after a back operation, tripped over a chair in the middle of the night." From an ABC News article.

Hope he heals quickly and that there are no resulting clots.

Hortensia said...

Balance issues are real, and increase with age. A head injury is a serious thing.


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