Thursday, June 08, 2017

Random Photos Part Two - CMT Awards

Carrie Underwood

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman

Miranda Lambert

Rachel Bilson

Luke Bryan

Kelsea Ballerini

Sam Hunt


sandybrook said...

There's always a problem when Miranda looks less trashy than others she has photographs around.
Whoever that is with Sam is hawt.
Nicole needs to stop trying to be a witch with her outfits.

Kate said...

Would it have killed ya to show Luke's wife?! She is gorgeous and there could be a kindness blind written about her often. I have first hand knowledge about her quiet generosity.

Kate said...

That Miranda comment was hilarious! And that is sams new wife Hannah lee ..

JustReading said...

WTF, Carrie Underwood? Lake Placid Ice Dance Championships isn't till the end of July.
Why are you wearing an iridescent tinsel skirt? Shorts? A Skort?
Scratchy underwear, Underwood?
You know, if an item of clothing can't be found reproduced in China & listed on eBay, it never actually existed, so they say. I think you're legit wearing tinsel and pretending it's couture.
This is as close as eBay gets.

Kate said...


Suz said...

I don't know too much country music but Sam Hunt is quite handsome himself, cute couple!

Paul Dano\'s goat said...

Jesus Christ on a cracker! Doesn't anyone know how to dress anymore?

HRH2 said...

Why does Nicole always stare at Keith while he looks at the cameras? It's so creepy, especially with her weird puffiness. She's got to be allergic to her fillers. That dress is a busted-ass trainwreck. Reminiscent of the one Sharon Stone wore years ago at the Oscars when she had first turned into a hot raggedy mess and was always high af in public. Carrie underwood is what Prince Harry's ho would look like if she were all white. Those chicks need to do some calf raises once in awhile.

Mitchellaneous said...

Nicole Kidman looks at Keith the way those brainwashed Duggar girls gaze at their wardens, er, husbands. Creepy.


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